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Wings of the Goddess Nation Quests (07/31/2008)
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The storyline for the episodic quests introduced in the Wings of the Goddess expansion pack is set to continue in the upcoming September version update. Adventurers will find themselves thrown into the midst of furious struggles for the continued survival of each nation.

San d'Oria

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Having borne witness to the real horrors of the battlefield, Tavnazia-bound Excenmille makes the executive decision to disband the Young Griffons in the interest of his friends' safety. Bitterly disappointed at their captain's sudden change of heart and eager to prove him wrong, the ever-zealous remaining members embark on an ambitious mission that will see them come face to face with a fiendish Orcish plot...


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Trouble is brewing in the republic as Galkan discontent towards the Hume government and the imperious military police threatens to boil over into all-out civil war. To make matters worse, fueling the fire of rebellion is an unlikely culprit—a sworn brother of the proud Mythril Musketeers. With the unity and morale of the citizens crumbling and the security of the nation compromised from within, will Bastok's defenses be able to hold out should the unthinkable occur...?


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Although victorious over the Yagudo Theomilitary at Fort Karugo-Narugo, the Windurstian Forces have been left nursing grievous wounds to their ranks. The Mithran Mercenaries, however, could not have chosen a more inopportune time to engage in internal feuding. Old rivalries are reignited as Cobra Command transforms from the city's last bastion of defense into a savage battlefield...

The dark underbelly of the Crystal War will be revealed to adventurers brave enough to answer the call. The future of Vana'diel rests in your hands!

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