[[{{SUBST:2008 - (07/29/2008) Premier Site Summit - Mythic Weapons Unveiled!}}|   ]]
Premier Site Summit: Mythic Weapons Unveiled! (07/29/2008)
[[{{SUBST:2008 - (07/29/2008) Premier Site Summit - Mythic Weapons Unveiled!}}|   ]]

The Premier Site Summit 2008 took place on Friday, July 25th in El Segundo, California, with representatives from each website being invited to take part in an amazing in-game exclusive. Each of the participating six sites was given a sneak peek at a preliminary version of an upcoming finished mythic weapon, and was then kind enough to share their impressions with the public.

This year's summit was host to a number of landmark events and milestones. Stealing the show, of course, was the unveiling and subsequent sampling of the new mythic weapons by each site. Furthermore, we were greatly honored to have the manager of the German Premier Site Online Wzelten join us for this year's festivities. And last but not least, we were pleased to announce the induction of JeuxOnline as a new official French Premier Site! Following is a collection of links to each Premier Sites' groundbreaking reports!

Allakhazam: Murgleis (Red Mage Mythic Weapon)
Exclusive: Murgleis, The Red Mage Supersword

FINAL FANTASY XI Warcry: Terpsichore (Dancer Mythic Weapon)
Dancer's Mythic Weapon First Look

FFXIclopedia: Ryunohige (Dragoon Mythic Weapon)
FFXIclopedia Exclusive: DRG Nyzul Isle Relic

FFVault: Vajra (Thief Mythic Weapon)
World Premier!! Presenting the Vajra!!!

FINAL FANTASY XI Stratics: [[Kenkonken] (Puppetmaster Mythic Weapon)
Breaking News: Nyzul Isle Relic Weapons

Final Fantasy XI – Online Welten: Death Penalty (Corsair Mythic Weapon)
Death Penalty - Nyzul Cor Weapon

Final Fantasy XI - JeuxOnLine: Yagrush (White Mage Mythic Weapon)
Exclusivité sur la relic Nyzul du Mage Blanc le Yagrush !

Be sure to stay tuned for each participating sites' in-depth write-ups of Premier Site Summit 2008!

Premier Site Summit- Mythic Weapons Unveiled! (07-29-2008)
[[{{SUBST:2008 - (07/29/2008) Premier Site Summit - Mythic Weapons Unveiled!}}|   ]]

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