[[{{SUBST:2008 - (05/13/2008) Preview of Adjustments for June Version Update (Part 1)}}|   ]]
Preview of Adjustments for June Version Update (Part 1) (05/13/2008)
[[{{SUBST:2008 - (05/13/2008) Preview of Adjustments for June Version Update (Part 1)}}|   ]]

Comfortable, fuss-free adventuring for all players is one of our biggest priorities. That is why for the next version update, we will be introducing some changes intended to make Vana'dielian living that much more convenient. For this Topics, we will take a look at changes to synthesis, armor storage, and furnishings.


Our fans often describe HQ item synthesis as a fulfilling yet occasionally frustrating process. Taking such voices to heart, following lengthy deliberation, the developers have decided to add new synthesis enhancement items as the reward for guild contract quests. While using these items, you will not be able to create an HQ item, but you will receive an overall success rate bonus for synthesis.

The positive effects of these items are expected to span beyond merely improving your success rate in synthesis. The raising of synthesis skills should become that much more enjoyable an experience, and certain items should become more affordable than before.

These synthesis enhancement items are a must-have for masters and apprentices alike!

Armor Storage

The release of the Wings of the Goddess saw the addition of several new sets of armor. To accommodate this increase, the following armor sets will become storable by talking to specific NPCs:

Pahluwan / Yigit / Amir


Since it became possible to invite friends over to your Mog House, we've been seeing more and more adventurers taking an active interest in their furnishings in a friendly contest of affluence with neighbors. Amidst this recent trend, it has come to our attention that the function of some furnishings was not proportional to cost, resulting in them being largely ignored by players.

To rectify this issue, and ultimately improve the living standard for adventurers, a number of furnishings will receive adjustments to attributes such as storage capacity and effects. Detailed information on these changes will be announced upon the release of the next version update.

Preview of Adjustments for June Version Update (Part 1) (05-13-2008)
[[{{SUBST:2008 - (05/13/2008) Preview of Adjustments for June Version Update (Part 1)}}|   ]]

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