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All Worlds Maintenance.gif Sep. 10, 2007 09:00 [PDT]
FINAL FANTASY XI Update (Sep. 10)
At the following time, we performed a version update of FINAL FANTASY XI.

* This update consists of a version upgrade of the client program. When you press the play button after the time stated below, the version upgrade will begin automatically. Please follow the instructions on the screen.

[Affected Period]

Sep. 10, 2007 9:00 (PDT)

[Affected Services]


[Important Update Details]

- Pankration in the Pit has been implemented.
*Please refer to the related information for details on Pankration.

- Accuracy rate of following weapon skills were adjusted:
Guillotine / Penta Thrust

Following issues have been addressed:
- The abilities of some monsters were weaker than intended.

- If a Goblin Bounty Hunter was defeated, it would remain KO'd and not disappear.

- Players were not able to enter Hazhalm Testing Grounds properly if the player who reserved the chamber checks the "Entry Gate" while not possessing the key item "glowing lamp."

- All random damages were not being calculated properly.

- Amount of damage was not being corrected properly when characters were equipped with two-handed weapons.

- Monsters with two-handed weapons had higher attack and accuracy than intended.

- TP of Beastmaster's pet continued to decrease while it's not engaged in battle.

- Automaton's new attachment "Stealth Screen" was not working properly when it was used with "Optical Fiber."

- Automaton would cast magic on a player who is in KO'd status.

- Automaton's status was lower than it was supposed to be.

- Under certain combinations of Head and Frame, Automaton would try to cast spells continuously.

- Players were sometimes able to carry more chocobucks than what was allowed when item "Chocobuck Slip" is traded with chocobucks.

- The location of the treasure did not display during the Chocobo Hot & Cold game when cancel button is pressed at certain timing upon using clump of Tandjana wildgrass.

- Item icons would not appear in Delivery Box. (Xbox 360 version only)

- Macro may not have functioned when the name of certain items are included.

- Text command that represent another player or monster were not working properly when the command contained apostrophe.

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