≪Mar. 29, 2007 (JST) Update Details≫
*Japan Standard Time


The exciting new Chocobo Racing feature has been introduced!

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Update Details (03-28-2007)


  • New monsters known as “Goblin Bounty Hunters” will now appear along the coastlines of the following areas:
Valkurm Dunes/Batallia Downs/Buburimu Peninsula/Qufim Island
  • The names of certain monsters appearing in Nyzul Isle have been changed.
Cannonball → Friar's Lantern
Bifrons→ Friar's Lantern


Several new synthesis recipes have been added.

[Resolved Issues]

  • An event during the quest “Promotion: Chief Sergeant” progressing in an incorrect manner under certain circumstances.
  • An incorrect message being displayed when talking to the NPC Shahayl in the Nyzul Isle staging point.
  • An incorrect message being displayed when talking to the Chocobo Racing Association NPCs in San d'Oria, Bastok, and Windurst.
  • The inability to correctly exit from Assault and Salvage areas when under the effect of the Poroggo ability “Frog Song.”
  • The effect of the monster ability “Granite Skin” not functioning as intended.
  • The physical blue magic spell “Disseverment” being incorrectly classified as a magical effect and being usable with the “Burst Affinity” ability.
  • The inability to place other furnishings on top of the “wardrobe” item when using the Layout function in your Mog House.
  • The item help text for “gil” not being displayed.
  • The top Auto-Translate Dictionary entry under Text Commands in the French and German versions being blank. If this entry was selected, only the red and green brackets would be displayed.
  • The game occasionally freezing when displaying a message in the Friend List.

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