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FINAL FANTASY XI Linkshell Community Beta Version Update Complete (03/07/2007)
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Today, we performed an update on the FINAL FANTASY XI Linkshell Community Beta Version.
Additional settings, such as "Language," "Time Frame of Activity," and "Linkshell Recruitment Status" will be added.

Language: Define the main languages that are spoken during community activities.

[You will be able to choose multiple selections ranging from "Japanese," "English," "German," "French" and "Others."]

Time Frame of Activity: Specify the main time zone that linkshell activities take place in.

Linkshell Recruitment Status: Toggle on/off to specify if the linkshell is currently recruiting new members.

* The above settings will be set to "off" as default. Please choose the settings manually upon logging into your community site.

Search function update

You will be able to perform searches using the newly implemented "Additional requirements" and "Search by multiple requirements" functions.

For example, you may search for linkshells that are focused on "Salvage" and are "Currently recruiting new members," or search for Linkshells where most members speak both "Japanese" and "English."

Setting the World Portal language

You will be able to select which language, from "Japanese / English / German / French / Others / All", that you wish for the World Portal to be displayed in. When you set the language for the World Portal page only that language will be displayed.

Auto URL linking within posts

URLs posted within posts will become active links if they start with http://.

*SQUARE ENIX is not responsible for the result of clicking on any external link within posts. Please take the proper precautions when doing so.

German and French language compatibility

The Linkshell Community will now be German and French language-compatible starting with the version update. You may view these languages by setting "German" or "French" as the default language in your web browser.

Other issues will also be addressed in the version update.

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