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Battle System Adjustments (03/05/2007)
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In the upcoming version update, we plan to introduce two new dark knight spells, as well as implement changes to Signet that will improve party play for smaller groups.

Signet Bonuses

The adjustments made to improve player accuracy and attack versus monsters of a higher level, as well as the measures implemented to benefit full parties and prevent unfair pulling practices, have made it difficult for smaller groups to cooperate efficiently against weaker opponents.

In order to address this issue, the following bonuses will be added to the Signet effect in the upcoming version update:

  1. Increased Healing HP
  2. No TP loss while resting
  3. Bonus experience earned in smaller parties
  4. Increased defense and evasion against attacks from your auto-attack target

Increased Healing HP

  • The initial value for Healing HP (based on the character's level), as well as the incremental jumps in Healing HP (based on the character's maximum HP), will be increased.
  • This change will improve Healing HP in a similar fashion to the bonus granted to Healing MP by the Clear Mind job trait.

No TP loss while resting

  • While this bonus is in effect, TP will not be lost while resting.
  • This will allow players to rest fully for their next battle while still maintaining the store of TP they had built from their previous opponent.

Bonus experience in small groups

  • The amount of experience earned while in smaller parties will be increased.
  • This bonus will be applied on the following scale:
Battle System Adjustments (03-05-2007)-1
  • The experience earned for defeating special monsters will remain unaffected.

Increased defense and evasion against attacks from your auto-attack target

  • Players will gain a bonus to their defense and evasion against their auto-attack target.
  • This bonus only applies to attacks from an opponent who you are auto-attacking with a drawn weapon. There is no effect against attacks from other sources, including monsters that unexpectedly join the fray.
    • This bonus will only apply to monsters that check as "even match" or weaker to the player.
  • The bonuses described above will only take effect when a player has received Signet, and is within the usual Signet-specific areas.
  • These bonuses do not apply during Ballista, or other PvP events.

New Dark Knight Spells

The following dark knight spells will be introduced in the upcoming version update.

  • Drain II (Lv.62 Recast Time: 3 minutes Duration: 1 minute)
Steals an enemy's HP, potentially increasing maximum HP. Ineffective against undead.
HP drained that exceeds the amount necessary to fully heal the dark knight will temporarily boost maximum HP.
As well as healing the dark knight, this spell should prove useful in providing extra HP for abilities such as Souleater.
  • Dread Spikes (Lv.71 Recast Time: 3 minutes Duration: 1 minute)
Covers you with magical darkness spikes. Steals HP from enemies that hit you. Ineffective against undead.
While Dread Spikes is in effect, the dark knight will drain an amount of HP from an enemy corresponding to the amount of damage inflicted by each of the enemy's attacks.
Dread Spikes will wear off after the dark knight has absorbed an amount of HP equal to a certain percentage of his maximum HP, regardless of the remaining duration.
  • The effect of Dread Spikes will be adjusted during PvP.
The HP absorbed by the reactive effect of Dread Spikes will not generate enmity for the dark knight.
  • The dark knight will still be KO'd if a single attack inflicts an amount of damage that exceeds his remaining HP.
Battle System Adjustments (03-05-2007)
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