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Job Adjustments (12/01/2006)
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Today's Topics will discuss the upcoming job adjustments planned for paladins, dark knights, blue mages, corsairs, and puppetmasters.

Paladin Adjustments

With high defengsive capabilities and enmity generation in mind, we will be adjusting the effect of the paladin job abilities Sentinel and Rampart.

The effect of Sentinel will be changed from an increase in defense to straight damage mitigation.
Also, all actions taken while Sentinel is in effect will generate additional enmity, allowing the paladin to more easily gain and maintain an enemy's attention.
In addition to the defense bonus granted to party members within the area of effect, Rampart will now also provide a "Magic Shield" that will absorb a certain amount of magic damage in the same manner as the spell "Stoneskin."
Shield Mastery
In addition to granting a TP bonus, the Shield Mastery job trait will also prevent interruption to spell casting when an enemy's attack is blocked with a shield.

Dark Knight Adjustments

The casting time for Absorb spells will be reduced from 4 seconds to 2 seconds to increase their utility in battle.

Blue Mage Adjustments

Changes will include more monsters available from which to learn blue magic, as well as additional spells, and adjustments to recast times.

New Blue Magic
In addition to spells attainable from the newly introduced Soulflayers and the Poroggos, there will be new spells made available for mid-level players that have healing and dispelling effects.
Existing Blue Magic
The recast time for enfeebling blue magic spells such as "Chaotic Eye" and "Frightful Roar" will be reduced.

Corsair Adjustments

Corsair adjustments in the upcoming version update will mainly focus on the Quick Draw ability. Also, with the addition of the Rapid Shot job trait, ranged attacks will become a more viable combat tool for the Corsair.

Quick Draw Accuracy
A corsair's AGI will now affect the accuracy of Quick Draw. This will make it possible to improve the accuracy of Quick Draw by increasing the relevant attributes.
Quick Draw Recast Time
The recast time for Quick Draw will be reduced from 3 minutes to 1 minute.
In accordance with this change, the Group 1 merit point ability Quick Draw Recast will now reduce recast time by 2 seconds instead of 6 seconds.
Light Shot and Dark Shot
Light Shot and Dark Shot will be changed to have the following enfeebling effects instead of inflicting damage:
  • The Quick Draw additional effect of increasing the potency of enfeebling effects will remain unchanged.

Puppetmaster Adjustments

Several new automaton weapon skills will be introduced. High-level automatons will have new weapon skills available for use in various situations.

Melee Type
Inflicts melee damage on a target and drains an amount of HP in proportion to the damage dealt.
Ranged Type
Inflicts ranged damage on a target and occasionally has the additional effect of Stun.
Magic Type/Standard Type
Inflicts melee damage on a target and occasionally has the additional effect of greatly reducing evasion for a brief period of time.

New Text Command

A new text command [/ignorepet] will also be introduced that will allow you to ignore the pets of others, including automatons, avatars, and charmed monsters.

The text command can be used in the following way:

  • /ignorepet: Displays current status when no subcommand is specified
  • /ignorepet on: Ignore pet targets
  • /ignorepet off: Allow pet targets
  • While using [/ignorepet on], you will be unable to target others' pets.
  • You will always be able to target monsters' pets, player character's pets in PvP, and Fellows regardless of the ignorepet command.
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