The following is an explanation of the procedures needed to use the Linkshell Community from PlayOnline ID entry and linkshell selection.

Linkshell Community Requirements

To use the Linkshell Community, you will need:

  • A PlayOnline ID and PlayOnline password
  • A FINAL FANTASY XI character belonging to a linkshell

  • To establish a new community or to join an established community as a member, it will be necessary to log out of the game while your character’s item list contains the required link items, and then wait for a designated period of time to pass (about 1 day).
  • When using the Linkshell Community, it is not necessary to log in to the game with the above character.
  • When viewing from the "World Portal," the above are not necessary.

PlayOnline ID and Password Entry

If you have fulfilled the above requirements, please click "Log in" from the Linkshell Community top page.


After clicking "Log in", the login screen will be displayed. Enter your PlayOnline ID and PlayOnline password and click "Log in" to proceed to character selection.


Account Selection

If you have characters in FINAL FANTASY XI who possess a linkshell, pearlsack, or linkpearl, those characters will be displayed on the selection screen.
Please select the account you would like to use to log in to the Linkshell Community. Click a character name, character icon, or "Select this account" button.



Game Data Synchronization
Your FINAL FANTASY XI character data (such as name, job level, skill level, and mission) will be synchronized to your Linkshell Community profile one day after logging out from the game.
Depending on the state of server maintenance, game data synchronization may be delayed.

Establishing a New Community

Characters possessing linkshells or pearlsacks within the game can establish a new Linkshell Community.



If you click the Linkshell name under "Unestablished Communities" at the bottom of the screen or click "Establish," the confirmation screen will appear. Select "Yes" and configure the information for the community you would like to establish. If you click "Register", your new Linkshell Community will be established.


Only Linkshells and Pearlsacks Can Be Used to Establish a Community
A new community can only be established by a character possessing a linkshell or pearlsack in FINAL FANTASY XI. A character possessing only a linkpearl can join an established community, but cannot establish a community themselves.

New Member Registration

When a Linkshell Community with FINAL FANTASY XI characters has already been established, you can participate in the community by registering.

After character selection, select the community name you would like to join from "Unregistered communities" or click "Join." You will be taken to the New Member Registration screen. On the confirmation screen, click "Register" and the community member registration process will be complete.


Registered Characters

Characters that are already registered can click on the linkshell image under "Registered communities", their character name, or "Go to Community Top Page" to access the Community Top Page.



As long as you have a character registered on the Linkshell Community, you can use the auto-login feature.

By using this feature, you no longer have to enter your PlayOnline ID and password and can log in to the Linkshell Community simply by selecting a character.

To use the auto-login feature, you will have to manually log in to the Linkshell Community by entering your PlayOnline ID and password. Next, proceed to the "Member Profile Editor" and check "Enable auto-login for this account." under "Auto-login settings." Last, click "Confirm" and "OK."



After enabling the auto-login feature, you will be able to log in using the "Auto-login" button on the Linkshell Community Portal. Clicking "Auto-login" will display a list of accounts where auto-login has been enabled. To automatically log in to the Linkshell Community, select any account listed.



Concerning security on the Linkshell Community
The regular login procedures which use one's PlayOnline ID and password utilize the same high degree of security as used on the PlayOnline Viewer.
The auto-login feature, on the other hand, uses a special form of encryption technology that does not use your PlayOnline ID or password.

Login Status

After logging in to the Linkshell Community and selecting a character, "Login status" appears at the top of the screen. Through the information in "login status," you can find out what character a member is logged in under, what Linkshell Community a member is active in, as well as other information. Clicking on a linkpearl image will take you to the Community Top Page of your active community. By clicking a character's image there, you can view that member's profile.


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