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Message About Chocobo Racing Posted! (08/03/2006)
[[{{SUBST:2006 - (08/03/2006) Message About Chocobo Racing!}}|   ]]
Message About Chocobo Racing Posted!

Greetings everyone,

After the Chocobo Raising announcement was made recently, we received many comments and requests about Chocobo Racing. This surprised us, so we decided that we'd use this space to ask for more input about Chocobo Racing from all of you, so that we can make this feature as good as possible. Like Chocobo Raising, this is a new feature developed completely from scratch, unlike the job and battle features which have been our main focus until now. Therefore, we want to include your hopes and dreams in order to make this feature meet everyone's vision as closely as possible.

At the same time, there are many of you who might say "We haven't played it yet, what are we supposed to suggest?!" Therefore, we have decided to include some of the mechanics of this new feature, outlined below. Please use them as a guide to imagine what Chocobo Racing could be like.

Currently Planned Specifications:

  • The ability of raised chocobos will be reflected during Chocobo Racing.
  • Chocobos will not be controllable by players during Chocobo Racing.
  • It is possible to give orders (i.e. sprint ahead, come from behind, etc) to riders before the race.

While posting your comments onto the forum, we would appreciate any ideas related to "gambling" for example, as well as any other opinions or concerns regarding Chocobo Racing.

We look forward to hearing from you on the forums. Let's keep those ideas rolling!

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