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≪Apr. 18, 2006 (JST) Update Details≫
  • Japan Standard Time
  • Please note that even after installing the necessary software and registering expanded content, the extra jobs, new areas, and other features contained within the Treasures of Aht Urhgan version update will not be available until April 20.


  • In accordance with the Treasures of Aht Urhgan expansion content, the following additions have been made to the main menu:
  1. Missions:
    1. Treasures of Aht Urhgan
    2. Assault
  2. Quests:
    1. Aht Urhgan
  3. Region Info:
    1. Besieged
  • A new type of defensive battle called "Besieged" has been introduced to the Empire of Aht Urhgan.

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  • A new type of battle called "Assault" has been added to the Empire of Aht Urhgan.

Adventurers who are level 50 or higher and have become a mercenary can participate in Assault, starting from an early stage in the Aht Urhgan storyline. You will earn Assault points for each area where you clear an Assault mission. Like Conquest points, you can trade your Assault points for various items. In addition, repeat success in Assault will make you eligible for a mercenary rank evaluation. Clear the rank evaluation and your mercenary rank will rise, resulting in a greater variety of available Assault missions and other benefits. You can find out more information by speaking to an NPC at the Commissions Agency in Aht Urhgan.

  • Unlike Dynamis and Limbus, multiple parties can enter separate instances of an Assault area at the same time. However, if there are too many parties using an area for Assault, you may be unable to enter for a time.
  • You will receive a “homing fireflies” temporary item when entering an Assault area. The homing fireflies cannot be discarded during the mission.

  • A new ship route has been added from Mhaura to Al Zahbi. You must fulfill certain requirements before you can board the ship to Al Zahbi.

  • The new storage feature "Mog Locker" has been added. You will be able to lease a Mog Locker after completing one of the first Aht Urhgan missions. Initially, you will be able to store up to 30 items in your Mog Locker, but it can be expanded to hold a maximum of 50.
  • You can use your Mog Locker in an Al Zahbi Rent-a-Room.
  • A fee in Aht Urhgan currency is required to lease a Mog Locker.
  • Once your lease has expired, you will be unable to access your Mog Locker until choosing to extend the lease. Your items will still remain in the locker until you extend your lease, and will not disappear.
  • You can confirm the status of your lease by speaking to the moogle in your Rent-a-Room. You can extend your lease or confirm its status by speaking to the NPC "Fubruhn" in Al Zahbi.
  • A new feature called the "Kokba Hostel" has been added. You can reserve the facility for a certain amount of time to use for private functions. Players are provided with a variety of temporary party items and food upon entering the hostel. Attendants and a special hostel chat channel also come with the reservation.
  • Reservations can be made for one-hour slots (Earth time).

During the hostel reception period, you will be asked to set a password. Only players who enter this password will be able to enter the hostel during your reservation time.

  • Each person who enters the hostel will be required to pay a fee.
  • NPC "Attendants" provide additional services in the hostel, such as offering goods for sale and removing meal effects. You can select four attendants during the hostel reception period.
  • You can receive temporary party items even if you do not have any free space in your inventory. The temporary party items and their effects will disappear when you leave the hostel or when your reservation period ends.
  • You can now lease a Rent-a-Room in the new towns of Al Zahbi and Aht Urhgan Whitegate. In the event that you change jobs and leave the Rent-a-Room in the new areas, please note that there will be no option asking you to set your home point.
  • Several new quests have been added.
  • The following changes have been made to Ballista:
  • Previously, you could use a Pursuivant's teleportation service to travel to a match site from the beginning of the entry period to the beginning of the match. The availability of this service has been extended to last from the beginning of the entry period until the end of the match.
  • You can now speak to a Herald to receive teleportation service to or from a match site for 100 Ballista points, even if you do not possess a Ballista Instawarp or Instaport.
  • The following changes have been made to Brenner:
  • You can now speak to a Pursuivant in Bastok, San d'Oria, or Windurst to participate in an official match.
  • Additional ways to earn points have been added.
  • The Flammen-Brenner can now recover from damage.
  • The behavior pattern of Posten has been altered.
  • The prerequisites for achieving Complete status in an official match can no longer be changed.
  • After altering certain rules in an official match, the changes will be announced to everyone in the area.
  • In the event of a called game 10 minutes or less into an official match, the losing team will now earn a reduced amount of experience points.
  • Some of the temporary items earned by "quarry" have been changed.


  • The advanced jobs "blue mage," "corsair," and "puppetmaster" are now available. You must clear certain quests in order to acquire the new jobs.

<<Related Information>>

  • The final limit break quests for the new jobs are scheduled to be added in the next version update. For the time being, you must clear the "Shattering Stars" quest with another job in order to reach level 71-75.
  • Several new monsters have been added to the Treasures of Aht Urhgan areas, some of which attack in response to certain actions, such as the use of job abilities or weapon skills.
  • The amount of TP accumulated when attacking a monster has changed for both the player and the monster.
  • Shields have been altered in the following ways:
  • The chance of blocking with a shield in battle has been increased.
  • Shields now block more damage.
  • The white mage 2-hour ability “Benediction” now cures status ailments.
  • The following features have been added to the paladin job:
  • Ranged accuracy will no longer be determined by the distance from the target when using the ranger ability “Sharpshot.”
  • Monster behavior has been altered in the following ways to counter MPK issues:
  • The conditions for claiming monsters has been changed in the following ways. Accordingly, players will no longer be attacked by monsters that they themselves are unable to attack.

24-1 us.jpg 24-2 us.jpg 24-3 us.jpg

  • Monsters' area attacks have been altered to affect the players who have incurred the notorious monster's enmity and their party or alliance members, rather than all players in the area of effect. Certain monsters will be exempt from this change.
  • The conditions under which the following notorious monsters appear have been altered:
  • In accordance with the addition of blue magic, several monster techniques have been altered.
  • The techniques used by Rocs to increase evasion have been unified under the name “Feather Barrier.”


  • Appraiser NPCs and a new type of mysterious item have been added.
  • There are several varieties of mysterious items, such as "??? swords," "??? gloves," and "??? rings." These items cannot be used or equipped until they have been appraised.

02 us.jpg

  • Appraisers may be found in towns such as Al Zahbi. Trade a mysterious item to an appraiser to learn its true name and features. After your find has been appraised, you will be able to equip or use it as a regular item. When you are in a party, the appraised item will be placed into your treasure pool. When you are solo, the item will be placed directly into your inventory.
  • Please note that you may be unable to receive an appraised item if it is Rare and you already possess one in your inventory.
  • Equipment sets are now available.
  • The wearer can receive a special effect only if the pieces of the set are equipped together.

03 us.jpg

  • For example, you can equip the following pieces of armor together to receive a "Refresh" effect:
  • The status effects of each individual piece of armor will still function when worn separately.
  • The following key items are now available in exchange for certain goods during a quest:
  • New synthesis recipes have been added.
  • The following items can now be bundled into a quiver or pouch:
  • The temporary item “Qiqirn mine” has been added for use in Assault missions. You must be engaged in battle mode against the target you wish to use the Qiqirn mine on. If you are not engaged in battle at the time the mine would normally explode, it will be ineffective.
  • The following items' stack number has been changed from 12 to 99:
  • the item "miniature airship" has been added as a special item available 365 days after participating in the "Return Home to Vana'diel Campaign."


  • The option "View Safe" on the main menu has been changed to "View House." Now you can check the contents of your Mog Safe, Storage, and Mog Locker using this feature.
  • The following adjustments and additions have been made to fishing:
  • There are new places to fish in the Treasures of Aht Urhgan areas.
  • The effect of fatigue that occasionally occurs after fishing with the Ebisu fishing rod has been slightly reduced.
  • Players who cancel fishing after hooking a fish will now accumulate fatigue.
  • Players will now occasionally accumulate fatigue after fishing up an item rather than a fish.
  • Fatigue will be most noticeable after fishing up the following:
  • the "PlayOnline" option used for pausing the game or reading the Vana'diel Tribune has been removed, but the following features have been added in its place:
  • The "PlayOnline" option on the main menu has changed to "Shutdown," which has the same effect as the /shutdown text command.
  • The Start button on the DUALSHOCK®2 analog controller and the Pause/Break key on the keyboard no longer pause the game, but can now be used to log out of FINAL FANTASY XI.
  • The following text commands have been removed and deleted from the auto-translate function:
  • /pol
  • /tribune
  • The following text commands have been added:
  • /locker - View the contents of your Mog Locker.
  • /besiegemap - Accesses the "Besieged" map. Can also be viewed using the "Region Info" option on the main menu.
  • Several new phrases have been added to the auto-translate function:



Greetings Welcome back.
Greetings You're welcome.
Game Terms Front line job
Game Terms Support role job
Game Terms Back line job
Game Terms Detects by sound
Game Terms Detects by sight
Game Terms Detects by smell
Game Terms Detects spellcasting
Game Terms Detects low HP
Game Terms Please follow.
Game Terms Brenner
Game Terms Besieged
Game Terms Assault
Game Terms Rank Evaluation
Game Terms Mercenary Assessment
Game Terms Mercenary Rank
Game Terms Assault Points
Game Terms Imperial Standing
Game Terms Runic Seal
Game Terms Runic Portal
Game Terms Astral Candescence
Game Terms Mamool Ja Savages
Game Terms Troll Mercenaries
Game Terms Undead Swarm
Game Terms Immortals
Game Terms Gordeus
Text Commands /locker
Text Commands /besiegemap
Jobs Blue Mage
Jobs Corsair
Jobs Puppetmaster
Time Second
Time Minute
Time Hour
Time Time remaining
Trade Reward:
Organize Please assist.
Place Names Open sea route to Al Zahbi
Place Names Open sea route to Mhaura
Place Names Al Zahbi
Place Names Aht Urhgan Whitegate
Place Names Wajaom Woodlands
Place Names Bhaflau Thickets
Place Names Nashmau
Place Names Arrapago Reef
Place Names Ilrusi Atoll
Place Names Periqia
Place Names Talacca Cove
Place Names Silver Sea route to Nashmau
Place Names Silver Sea route to Al Zahbi
Place Names The Ashu Talif
Place Names Mount Zhayolm
Place Names Halvung
Place Names Lebros Cavern
Place Names Navukgo Execution Chamber
Place Names Mamook
Place Names Mamool Ja Training Grounds
Place Names Jade Sepulcher
Place Names Aydeewa Subterrane
Place Names Leujaoam Sanctum
Place Names Caedarva Mire
Place Names Mamool Ja staging point
Place Names Halvung staging point
Place Names Azouph Isle staging point
Place Names Dvucca Isle staging point
Place Names Ilrusi Atoll staging point
Place Names Chamber of Passage
Place Names Commissions Agency
Place Names Hall of Binding
Place Names Walahra Temple
Place Names Hazhalm Testing Grounds
Place Names Aht Urhgan
Place Names Azure Lore
Job Abilities Chain Affinity
Job Abilities Burst Affinity
Job Abilities Wild Card
Job Abilities Phantom Roll
Job Abilities Double-Up
Job Abilities Quick Draw
Job Abilities Random Deal
Job Abilities Fighter's Roll
Job Abilities Monk's Roll
Job Abilities Healer's Roll
Job Abilities Wizard's Roll
Job Abilities Warlock's Roll
Job Abilities Rogue's Roll
Job Abilities Gallant's Roll
Job Abilities Chaos Roll
Job Abilities Beast Roll
Job Abilities Choral Roll
Job Abilities Hunter's Roll
Job Abilities Samurai Roll
Job Abilities Ninja Roll
Job Abilities Drachen Roll
Job Abilities Evoker's Roll
Job Abilities Magus's Roll
Job Abilities Corsair's Roll
Job Abilities Puppet Roll
Job Abilities Fire Shot
Job Abilities Ice Shot
Job Abilities Wind Shot
Job Abilities Earth Shot
Job Abilities Thunder Shot
Job Abilities Water Shot
Job Abilities Light Shot
Job Abilities Dark Shot
Job Abilities Overdrive
Job Abilities Activate
Job Abilities Repair
Job Abilities Fire Maneuver
Job Abilities Ice Maneuver
Job Abilities Wind Maneuver
Job Abilities Earth Maneuver
Job Abilities Thunder Maneuver
Job Abilities Water Maneuver
Job Abilities Light Maneuver
Job Abilities Dark Maneuver
Job Traits Shield Mastery

[Windows Version Only]

  • The "PlayOnline" setting on the FINAL FANTASY XI GAMEPAD Config menu has been changed to "Log Out."

[Current Known Issue]

  • Since the implementation of the latest version update on Apr. 17, 2006, the following issue has been discovered.
  • Players who form an alliance will remain in the state of being in an alliance even after it has broken up.
  • This issue can be resolved by replacing the party leader, breaking up the party, having all party members move to another zone or log out.
  • The recipe change for "Tavnazian Tacos" that was postponed in the February 21st version update has been cancelled after a thorough consideration of possible effects on the in-game economy.


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