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July 17 Update details

  • The maximum job level has been raised to 70. The "Riding on the Clouds" quest must be completed first. In conjunction with the job level cap raise, the combat skill and craft skill level caps have also been raised. The maximum craft skill level is now 90 (adept).
  • The required MPs for casting "Cure III," "Cure IV," and "Cure V" have been adjusted. Also, the amounts of time required to cast and re-cast "Cure II," "Cure III," "Cure IV," and "Cure V" have been changed. The enmity factor received for casting "Cure V" is no longer based on the amount healed, as is with the other "Cure" spells. Finally, the potency of all "Cure" spells is now directly affected by the caster's healing magic skill level.
  • The amount of time required for re-casting the white magic spell "Erase" has been shortened.
  • The effect of the white magic spell "Stoneskin" now improves according to the caster's MND and enhancing magic skill level.
  • The casting time of "Bar-" spells (Barfire, Barwater, etc.), their duration, and the amount of MP required to cast them have been reduced. Also, the strength of the spells is now directly affected by the caster's enhancing magic skill level.
  • The price for the spell "Regen," sold in Mhaura, has been lowered. Also, the spell "Regen II" is now available for purchase. This healing spell can only be used by white mages.
  • The amounts of MP required for level III and IV elemental magic spells have been reduced.
  • The value of a monster's dark elemental resistance will reflect more strongly on its ability to resist the black magic spell "Dispel."
  • The duration of "Gravity" now varies between 30 to 120 seconds.
  • The duration of "Poison" spells now improves according to the caster's enfeebling magic skill level. Also, the amounts of damage inflicted on an enemy by "Poison II" and "Poisonga II" have been increased.
  • New high-level bard songs have been added. These new songs can be purchased at Harmodios's Music Shop in Bastok. However, some of these songs will only become available when Bastok is ranked second or higher in the conquest. Also, "Puppet's Operetta" can now be purchased from the Troupe Valeriano.
  • The value of a monster's light elemental resistance will now reflect on its ability to resist the bard song "Magic Finale."
  • The target for the bard song "Hunter's Prelude" has been reduced to a single PC.
  • The amounts of HP restored by the avatar abilities "Healing Ruby," "Healing Ruby II," and "Spring Water" have been increased. In addition, the amounts of MP required to cast "Healing Ruby II" and "Spring Water" have been reduced.
  • The amounts of MP required for summoning spells have been reduced.
  • The overall effect of the job ability "Astral Flow" has been improved.
  • The amount of time required to summon elementals has been reduced.
  • Time required to cast "Ni" level ninjutsu will be reduced.
  • The amount of time required to re-use the monk ability "Chakra" has been reduced from 15 minutes to 5.
  • In conjunction with the level cap raise, the following magic and songs have been newly released and/or changed.
White Magic
Shell IV WHM 68/RDM 68 Enhances target's magic defense.
Shellra IV WHM 68 Enhances magic defense for party members in area of effect.
Regen WHM 21/RDM 21 Gradually restores target's HP.
Regen II WHM 44 Gradually restores target's HP.
Regen III WHM 66 Gradually restores target's HP.
Protect IV WHM 63/RDM 63/PLD 70 Enhances target's defense.
Raise III WHM 70 Revives target from KO.
Black Magic
Water III BLM 55/RDM 67 Deals water damage to an enemy.
Aero III BLM 59/RDM 69 Deals wind damage to an enemy.
Thunder III BLM 66 Deals thunder damage to an enemy.
Stone IV BLM 68 Deals earth damage to an enemy.
Water IV BLM 70 Deals water damage to an enemy.
Aeroga III BLM 67 Deals wind damage to enemies in area of effect.
Firaga III BLM 69 Deals fire damage to enemies in area of effect.
Blizzard II BLM 42/RDM 55/DRK 66 Deals ice damage to an enemy.
Knight's Minne IV BRD 61 Enhances defense for party members in area of effect.
Bewitching Etude BRD 62 Enhances Charisma for party members in area of effect.
Valor Minuet IV BRD 63 Enhances attacks for party members in area of effect.
Logical Etude BRD 64 Enhances Mind for party members in area of effect.
Sage Etude BRD 66 Enhances Intelligence for party members in area of effect.
Foe Requiem VI BRD 67 Deals sonic damage to enemies.
Swift Etude BRD 68 Enhances Agility for party members in area of effect.
Puppet's Operetta BRD 69 Enhances resistance against silence for party members in area of effect.
Vital Etude BRD 70 Enhances Vitality for party members in area of effect.
  • The system used for calculating EXP gained after level 61 is now the same as that for levels 60 and under.
  • It is now easier for players above level 60 to gain EXP. However, large differences in party member levels now greatly affect the amount of EXP gained in battle.
  • EXP that exceed the amount required to achieve the next level will now be carried over. This also pertains to EXP regained when using the "Raise" spells.
  • A limit has been set on the maximum amount of EXP lost when KO'd. This applies mainly to high-level PCs.
  • In battles with level restrictions, a KO will result in an EXP loss relative to your effective level.
  • The number of PCs that the four floors of Jeuno can handle has been raised.
  • Conquest guards, auction house clerks, and delivery services have been added to each floor of Jeuno. In conjunction with this addition, the tax taken from all bazaar sales within Jeuno is now 10%.
  • A new merchant has been stationed in the Ru'Lude Gardens. This shop can be used to sell unwanted items.
  • The amount of time required for the chocobo rental fees to go down has been reduced by 25 percent.
  • A change has been made to the Mog House menu displayed when leaving your room. (This only applies to players who have completed the "multiple exit" quests.)
  • PCs will no longer be kicked from a party when they enter their Mog House.
  • Also, PCs may now use the "Seek Party" and "Autogroup" commands while in their Mog House.
  • If an item sent by a delivery service is still classified as "preparing," the sender may have the item returned to their own inventory by selecting it and pressing the Confirm button or the enter key.
  • A message is now displayed in the log window when an item has been returned from the delivery service. A message is also displayed in the log window after taking/dropping/returning items from the delivery box.
  • The names of all doors now appear in green when targeted.
  • Parties can now be formed in regions, rather than areas. In conjunction with this change, the PCs listed when performing a "find member" search are now limited to those PCs close to the searcher's current level. More detailed searches will also be limited to the first 100 PCs that fit that search's parameters. Areas where maps do not exist, as well as ferries and airships, are not considered a part of a region when searching for a party. The number of PCs displayed in normal region and area searches has also been limited to the first 100. The number displayed in a world search has been increased from 14 to 40.
  • The search option "Current Region" has been added to the area search menu.

The text command for searching a region is: /search region or /sea region

/sea=conducts a search of the current area.
/sea all=conducts a search of all areas.

/sea all 60 BLM
Searches all areas for a level 60 black mage.

/sea region 35 DRG W
Searches the current regions for a level 35 dragoon with a name starting with "W."

  • It is now possible to attach a welcome message to a linkshell.

This welcome message appears when a PC logs in or equips a linkshell item.

Displays the welcome message.

/lsmes level
Displays the level of authority required to edit the linkshell message.

The following is a list of the commands that linkshell members granted authority may use:
/lsmes "[MESSAGE]" or /lsmes set "[MESSAGE]"
Changes the linkshell welcome message.
/lsmes clear
Clears the linkshell welcome message.

The following is a list of commands that only linkshell owners may use:
/lsmes level ls
Sets authority level to linkshell owner.
/lsmes level ps
Sets authority level to pearlsack holders (default).
/lsmes level all
Sets authority level to all linkshell members.

  • The menu location of the "Create Pearl" button has been changed.

Also, the last cursor position for the linkshell menu is no longer saved.

  • The vibration that accompanies the call command can now be regulated.

<ncall> or <ncallX> (X=0-3:sound style)
Controller vibration is only felt by party members near the caller.
<scall> or <scallX> (X=0-3:sound style)
A sound-only call.

Windows version users: These commands are only applicable when controllers supporting force feedback are used.

  • PCs are no longer able to change the color of messages displayed when using the /echo command.
  • A bug that prevented you from using an item in your inventory by text command, when you had the same item up on bazaar, has been fixed.
  • Basic synthesis image support from guild NPCs no longer requires gil. Advanced synthesis image support now lasts 4 times longer.
  • Items can no longer be purchased repeatedly from the guild shops. A PC must now wait 3 seconds before making their next purchase.
  • A variety of items can now be retrieved by breaking down armor with lightning crystals.
  • The price of arrows and crossbow bolts has been reduced.
  • New recipes for arrows and crossbow bolts have been added. (This synthesis requires carpentry skills, etc.)
  • Synthesis of ninja tools now produces more items per execution.
  • Changes have been made in the type of items that can be retrieved with the ranger job ability "Scavenge."
  • New types of items can now be harvested when using the "logging" command.
  • The expeditionary force system has been modified:

-Members of expeditionary forces will now receive an item (gate glyphs) that allows them to teleport back to their nation after completing their assignment.
-PCs no longer receive rewards for only participating in expeditionary forces.
-Region points received by the expeditionary force's nation will vary according to its conquest ranking.
-Conquest points received by players are proportional to the number of enemies defeated as well as treasure chests opened during the expedition. These rewards will only be given if the players' nation gains control of that region.
-Finally, the number of conquest points received also varies with a nation's current standing in the balance of power.

  • Conquest points will no longer be lost when changing allegiance. These conquest points will be saved until a PC has returned to their previous nationality.
  • The beastmen are beginning to gain control in certain regions.
  • The amount of time required for a beastman beastmaster to call another pet has increased from 30 to 60 seconds.
  • Some summoned elementals can now cast spells (healing/enhancing) outside of battle.
  • The text color and chat filter category for pets have been made the same as party members.
  • A PC will no longer be locked onto a target after disengaging from battle.
  • A PC can no longer be attacked in Delkfutt's Tower by monsters on a different floor.
  • A bug caused by notorious monsters pulling PCs back within their domain has been fixed. Also, Ash Dragons can pull PCs to them from anywhere within the area they reside in.
  • New high-level notorious monsters have been introduced. These monsters have been added to the new, as well as previous, regions.
  • The number of beastmen's seals needed for obtaining orbs have been changed.

Moon orbs: 99 seals => 60 seals
Star orbs: 50 seals => 40 seals

A new orb has also been introduced. The level restriction for this burning circle battle is 50 and lower.

Comet orbs: 50 seals

Finally, three new orbs for use at the burning circle in Fei'Yin have been added. These can be obtained by trading 30 Kindred's seals (new item). Each orb contains a different battle.

Clotho orb
Lachesis orb
Atropos orb

Currently, only Lachesis orbs and Atropos orbs are available for exchange. A notice will be displayed on PlayOnline when the Clotho orb becomes available.

  • The contents of the level 40 star orb battle in Balga's Dais (Giddeus) have changed. The job type of the mandragora that appears has been changed to monk.
  • The color of the dot indicating a defeated monster on the on-screen compass has been changed.
  • Previously viewed mission events can now be replayed through newly added NPCs.
  • The Cardian required to complete the Windurst quest "A Greeting Cardian" can now be found at any time in the Buburimu Peninsula (as opposed to only when the area was under Windurst control).
  • The item received from Ranpi-Monpi in the Culinarians' Guild (Windurst Waters) has been changed.
  • Basic armor supplied to adventurers at the beginning of the game can now be purchased in different locations in the three nations. However, once bought, these pieces of armor cannot be traded or sold.
  • A bug where certain non-equippable items (such as the grapnel) would appear in the equipment menu has been fixed.
  • The following accessory names have been changed to reflect the abilities they affect.
Courage Earring => Reflex Earring
Stamina Earring => Courage Earring
Communion Earring => Knowledge Earring
Serenity Earring => Balance Earring
Tranquil Earring => Tranquility Earring
Harmony Earring => Stamina Earring
Vigor Earring => Energy Earring
Joyful Earring => Alacrity Earring
Loyal Earring => Puissance Earring
Vision Earring => Wisdom Earring
Knowledge Earring => Deft Earring
Victory Earring => Solace Earring
Solace Earring => Verve Earring
Chakra Earring => Aura Earring
Wealth Earring => Loyalty Earring
Trust Earring => Nimble Earring
Passion Earring => Triumph Earring
Spirit Earring => Omniscient Earring
Beauty Earring => Adroit Earring
Empathy Earring => Communion Earring
Purity Earring => Robust Earring
Genius Earring => Celerity Earring
Liberty Earring => Victory Earring
Grace Earring => Genius Earring
Ward Earring => Grace Earring
Wise Earring => Serenity Earring
Travel Earring => Vigor Earring
Energy Earring => Mana Earring
Courage Ring => Reflex Ring
Stamina Ring => Courage Ring
Communion Ring => Knowledge Ring
Serenity Ring => Balance Ring
Tranquil Ring => Tranquility Ring
Harmony Ring => Stamina Ring
Vigor Ring => Energy Ring
Joyful Ring => Alacrity Ring
Loyalty Ring => Puissance Ring
Vision Ring => Wisdom Ring
Knowledge Ring => Deft Ring
Victory Ring => Solace Ring
Solace Ring => Verve Ring
Chakra Ring => Aura Ring
Wealth Ring => Loyalty Ring
Ward Ring => Celerity Ring
Liberty Ring => Victory Ring
Travel Ring => Genius Ring
Genius Ring => Grace Ring
Wise Ring => Serenity Ring
Grace Ring => Vigor Ring
Energy Ring => Mana Ring
Balance Ring => Allure Ring
  • Macros, map markers, and other configuration files can now be saved to PlayOnline. There are four slots (one slot for one character) where data can be saved.

-To save data, press [L1+L3] or [Shift+Alt+Ctrl+B] at the character select screen. Use the directional buttons to select a slot to save the data to. -To load data, press [R1+R3] or [Shif+Alt+Ctrl+R] at the character select screen. Use the directional buttons to select a slot to load the data from. -To erase data, press [R2+L2+R3+L3] or [Shift+Alt+Ctrl+D] at the character select screen. Use the directional buttons to select a slot to delete the data from.

  • Use the Tab key while typing a message to bring up frequently used terms. When the retail version is released, this feature will also act as an automatic English-Japanese translator.

Known Issues:

  • When attempting to change nationalities, the NPC will tell you "your current conquest points will be lost permanently." However, as stated earlier, conquest points will be saved.m
  • The help message for the weapon "stun claws" lists 68 as the required job level. However, this weapon can actually be equipped at level 62.
  • The help message for the "rising sun +1" lists (THF/RNG) as the jobs which can equip this throwing weapon. However, the rising sun +1 can only be used by thieves and ninjas.
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