Type: High-Tier Mission Battlefields
Zone: Abyssea - Empyreal Paradox

Level: Uncapped
Members: 1-6
Time: 30 minutes

Key Item: Key Item Wyrm God phantom gem (30 Merit Points, increased from 10 shortly after its release)

Shinryu HTBF.jpg


Shinryu - Content Level 119~134+


Two types of reward are granted: a personal pool, that drops directly to every player, and a regular treasure pool, on which players can cast lots or pass on items.

The difficulty chosen will have a direct impact on the quantities and item types that will drop.

Shared Treasure Pool


REMA Reforging Materials

Crafting Materials

Personal Treasure Pool


The phantom gem key item required to enter can only be acquired by players who have previously cleared The Wyrm God. In order to enter Abyssea - Empyreal Paradox players must be able to purchase a Key ItemCrimson traverser stone using 10,000 cruor and consuming one Key ItemTraverser stone.

Players can choose from a varied degree of difficulty; harder modes allow for greater rewards. Normal difficulty must be cleared once by the party leader to select Difficult and Very Difficult modes.


★The Wyrm God Strategies