"Sakura and the Magic Spoon"
This work of fiction written by Markovic details a magic spoon used by the prestigious Sakura that, when used to consume a meal, enables her to communicate with all living things. Pioneers who read it report having their monster rearing rank increase by one.
Used In Quest(s):
Purchased from Zenicca for 1,000 bayld or Skipper Moogle for 10,000 gil after approximately 14 days of interacting with your pet in Monster Rearing---in other words, 15 "interactions," which does not include Feeding or Collecting items. Does not require starting a new pet, but may or may not require at most one evolutionExclamation.
Raises Monster Rearing to Rank 2

Historical Background

The "Sakura and the X" line of key items may be a reference to the Japanese animated television series Cardcaptor Sakura, which used the same format for naming episodes. This might be coincidental, however.

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