"Sakura and the Holy Grail"
The seemingly endless Sakura series reaches its thrilling conclusion! Sakura, having heard tales of a holy grail in Ulbuka, successfully makes a voyage to the western continent only to be besieged by crabs and Qiqirns on all sides! How will she ever work her way out of this one? Pioneers who read it report having their monster rearing rank increase by one.
Used In Quest(s):
Purchased from Zenicca for 11,000 bayld or Skipper Moogle for 320,000 gil after obtaining KeyItem"Sakura and the Cactus Corps" and "interacting" with your monsters 100 times (does not include Feeding or Collecting Items).
Raises Monster Rearing to Rank 7

Historical Background

The "Sakura and the X" line of key items may be a reference to the Japanese animated television series Cardcaptor Sakura, which used the same format for naming episodes. This might be coincidental, however.

Additionally, the holy grail is an artifact in the legends of King Arthur.

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