Start NPC Westerly Breeze Western Adoulin (I-5)
Requirements Adoulin Reputation 3
Items Needed Cursed Beverage
Title Granted Friend to Gluttons
Repeatable No
Reward 1,500 Experience Points
1,000 bayld
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The Starving


  • Speak to Westerly Breeze at (I-5) in Western Adoulin (you must zone and wait until the following game day after completing the previous quest).
  • Trade him a Cursed Beverage to him to complete the quest.

Game Description

Westerly Breeze Western Adoulin (I-5)
The third time may be a charm for some things, but the infamous starving Couriers' Coalition member brings only bad tidings--this time in the form of a sparkling pink beverage. Will it be his last request ever?
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