Dancers (DNC) are front-line healers that can both benefit the party and enfeeble monsters. Not only are they competent fighters, but the TP they accumulate is used to power their various abilities. They execute Dances to heal and create beneficial effects, and perform Steps to inflict negative effects upon the enemy. A touch of customization is added with Flourish, which allows a step to be completed with a variety of bonuses to aid the Dancer's party. Obtained by completing Lakeside Minuet quest.


レベル  名称
01  トランス
05  サンバモード
15  ワルツモード
20  ステップ
20  フラリッシュI
25  ジグモード
40  フラリッシュII


レベル  名称
15  物理回避率アップ
20  レジストスロウ
25  モクシャ
30  物理命中率アップ
45  物理回避率アップII
45  モクシャII
60  物理命中率アップII
65  モクシャIII
75  物理回避率アップIII

Dances, Steps & Flourishes

Dances are divided into three categories: Sambas, Waltzes, and Jigs. Each of the dances within these categories is acquired at a different level, and requires a certain amount of TP to use. Each category has its own recast time, and using a dance will prevent the use of other dances within the same category until the recast time has expired. In addition, the effect of a Samba dance will be overwritten by other dances within the Samba category, regardless of the remaining duration.

  • Sambas imbue melee attacks with special enhancements. Dancer must be engaged and meleeing to grant effect (tested and proven with Drain Samba). The effect from a Samba is an Additional Effect, but will not be overwritten by other non-Samba additional effects. (See Talk:Dancer#Samba as an Additional Effect.)
  • Waltzes cure HP and remove ailments from party members.
  • Jigs require no TP to use, and are not used for combat-related purposes.
  • Steps are used to enfeeble an enemy, while at the same time generating the Finishing Moves required to perform Flourishes. Steps require TP to use, in the same manner as dances. The enfeebling effects produced by Steps can be stacked up to five times. The more times an effect is stacked, the more powerful it becomes. Finishing moves are generated at a different rate depending on whether dancer is set as your main job or support job. Up to a maximum of five finishing moves can be stored at one time.
  • Flourishes are used to produce various powerful effects by consuming the finishing moves generated by Steps. Each type of Flourish requires a certain number of finishing moves to perform. Flourishes are divided into two categories: Flourishes I and Flourishes II. Each of the Flourishes within these categories is acquired at a different level. Each category has its own recast time, and using a Flourish will prevent the use of other Flourishes within the same category until the recast time has expired.

Building towards a Flourish: Build TP with weapon attacks until a Step can be used -> Earn finishing moves by using Steps -> Consume finishing moves to perform a Flourish.

レベル  タイプ  名称
05  サンバモード  ドレインサンバ
15  ワルツモード  ケアルワルツ
20  フラリッシュI  A.フラリッシュ
20  ステップ  クィックステップ
25  サンバモード  アスピルサンバ
25  ワルツモード  ディバインワルツ
25  ジグモード  スペクトラルジグ
30  ステップ  ボックスステップ
30  ワルツモード  ケアルワルツII
30  フラリッシュI  D.フラリッシュ
35  サンバモード  ドレインサンバII
レベル  タイプ  名称
35  ワルツモード  ヒーリングワルツ
40  フラリッシュII  R.フラリッシュ
40  ステップ  スタッターステップ
45  サンバモード  ヘイストサンバ
45  フラリッシュI  V.フラリッシュ
50  フラリッシュII  B.フラリッシュ
50  ワルツモード  ケアルワルツIII
55  ジグモード  チョコボジグ
60  サンバモード  アスピルサンバII
60  フラリッシュII  W.フラリッシュ
65  サンバモード  ドレインサンバIII
70  ワルツモード  ケアルワルツIV


 スキル 能力値 レベル1 レベル37 レベル75
 短剣 B+ 5 109 256
 格闘 D 4 101 210
 片手剣 D 4 101 210
 投てき C+ 5 105 230
 回避 B+ 5 109 256
 受け流し B 5 109 250

See Dancer Skill Caps for a by-level breakdown of weapon skill limits.


Artifact Set
レベル 名称
40  ウォーフープ
52  ダンサーバングル
54  ダンサーティアラ
56  ダンサートーシュー
58  ダンサータイツ
60  ダンサーカザク
Artifact Set +1
レベル 名称
Relic Set
レベル 名称
Relic Set +1
レベル 名称


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