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The secretive organization of pirates and smugglers who make their headquarters in the hidden underground lair of Norg. Accessible only by sea or through the deadly Sea Serpent Grotto, these pirates have kept their home and their interests safe from legal authorities who would shut them down. They maintain representatives in all of the major cities of Vanadiel to keep an eye on their interests abroad, and sometimes to peddle their ill-gotten goods.

Adventurers should always keep their eyes open when dealing with these shifty characters, for while they may have goods available nowhere else, they may choose you as their next target. Those who find this sort of life interesting, or those who want to be on friendlier terms with this group, must fill out an application for entry into their organization. Once filled, you may receive a Tenshodo Invite, allowing you access to their regional merchants.

Applications are taken by their representatives in Port Bastok, and the invites are taken by the receptionist at Neptune's Spire in Lower Jeuno. Remember, these pirates are shifty, and they won’t respect anyone who can’t read between the lines. Proceed with caution.