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C'est un des nombreux mondes de FFXI. Il était activé pour la sortie de la version Windows de FFXI au Japon.

Numéro d'ID: 22

Date d'Activation: 7 Novembre 2002

Histoire dans les séries FF[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

While Cerberus has appeared as an enemy or boss in numerous games in the Final Fantasy series (FFI, III, VIII, IX, XI specifically), only in Final Fantasy VIII did it appear as a Summon. Cerberus was a status-afflicting/endowing Summon. Cerberus appeared from behind wrought-iron gates under foreboding skies, with dead trees outside the gates as a large, menacing gray 3-headed dog. It emitted yellow energy from its mouth which would endow the party with Double and Triple status, allowing them to cast 2 spells at a time or 3 spells in a single turn.

Cerberus had to be fought in battle to gain its services.

  • In FFVIII, Cerberus was gained by defeating the GF (Summon) Cerberus in battle in Galbadia Garden during the grand battle between Balamb & Galbadia Gardens (or it could be drawn from Sorceress Ultimecia's servant Gargantua in the future).


"Counter Rockets"- endows Double & Triple status on all allies (FFVIII)


Final Fantasy VIII

Stat Junction: Str-J, Mag-J, Spr-J, Spd-J, Hit-J, ST-Atk-J, ST-Def-J, ST-Def-Jx2, ST-Def-Jx3, Abilityx3

Command Junction: Magic, GF, Draw, Item

Character Ability: Spd+20%, Spd+40%, Auto-Haste, Expendx2-1

Party Ability: Alert

GF Ability: GFHP+10%,20%,30%

Refine Ability: N/A

Compatibility Item: Dragon Fin

GF Rival: None (slightly lowers compatibility with the other 15 GFs)

Compatibility-Boosting Magic Spells: Double, Triple, Haste, Esuna (only slightly), Dispel (only slightly), Protect (only slightly), Shell (only slightly), Reflect (only slightly), Aura (only slightly), Ultima (only slightly), Apocalypse (only slightly)

Compatibility-Lowering Magic Spells: Slow, Stop, Blind (only slightly), Confuse (only slightly), Silence (only slightly), Break (only slightly), Pain (only slightly), Berserk (only slightly)

Historique[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

In Greek mythology, Cerberus was the three-headed watchdog with a snake for a tail guarding the entrance to Hades, the Underworld. Cerberus made certain the dead could not leave and the living could not enter. Despite that, Cerberus was overcome a few times. First, Hercules was able to capture the beast as his 12th labor. Then, Orpheus was able to play his lyre, soothing the beast and lulling it into a deep slumber. Hermes and Psyche were also able to make Cerberus sleep using water from the River Lethe and drugged honeycakes. Cerberus was the offspring of Echnidna and Typhon, 2 monsters. Cerberus' siblings are: Chimera, Sphinx, Ladon, Lernaean Hydra, Nemean Lion, Ethon (the giant eagle that eats Prometheus' liver every day), and Orthrus (2-headed watchdog who works for Geryon guarding his herd of red cattle). Cerberus can be said to be the original Hell-Hound.

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