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Queue de lapin Trans-rareTrans-exclusive

On prétend que les queues de lapins portent bonheur.

Empilable: Non Empilable

Believed to bring good luck

  • There have been persistent rumors that this item, when kept in inventory, also adds a Caractéristique de job Chasseur de trésor, or enhances the trait if one is active. To date, the existence of this effect has yet to be verified through experimentation. Exclamation
  • A field study done in June of '07 concluded that the tail does NOT add a Treasure Hunter effect. The study was done by farming Goblin Reapers for scrolls. This was a small scale study using 24 fights with tail, 24 without, and 24 without tail but Treasure Hunter Trait. The TH trait made a significant difference in scroll drops.
  • note: I tested this april,06 with 100 mobs killed with all Luck items(millionare desk too), then again 100 mobs with Treasure Hunter active. Then yet another 100 mobs with no TH or Luck items..

Personal conclusion is that Luck items do have some effect *(how much is hard to determine and moon phases and day of week) may play a factor in this as well. Drops with luck items as opposed to no luck items was better with items than without. Just luck? Try it for yourself and make your own conclusion.

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