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PNJ Yve'noile - Tombeau de Ru'Avitau (-)
Requis Zilart Mission 14 Archanges active
Objets requis Illuminink
Arche mystérieuse
Moonlight Ore (Pour réacquisition seulement)
Titre obtenu Pentacide Perpetrator
Répétable Oui
Récompense Shard of Apathy, Shard of Arrogance, Shard of Cowardice, Shard of Envy, et Shard of Rage

Et votre choix pour la :
Abyssal Earring, Beastly Earring, Bushinomimi, Knight's Earring, ou Suppanomimi

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Mission: La Porte des Dieux Mission: Le tombeau scellé

Guide Modifier

Completing this quest will also complete Archanges.
Be careful not to stray, or you'll aggro the Groundskeepers along the walls on the blue pads.
  • In the tombeau de Ru'Avitau, continue straight until you find an unmarked target on the wall. Examine the target to receive the cutscene.
Do not forget to get this cutscene. If you fail to get this cutscene, you can still enter the fight and kill the AAs, but you will not get the required key items.
Ensure "Puissance divine" is listed as an active quest in the "Provinces" section of your Quests menu.
You may use any entrance to the Amphithéâtre de La'Loff, as long as your entire alliance uses the same entrance.
  • When ready, enter the "Puissance divine" battlefield.
  • After completing the battle, return to the unmarked target in the tombeau de Ru'Avitau for the completion cutscene and the chance to choose your reward.

Le combatModifier

  • 18 people are allowed into this fight. Only one Arche mystérieuse is required per alliance. You can be the orb trader even if you have already cleared the BCNM.
  • Buffs will carry into the fight. Buffing and resting before entering is advised to save a little time.
  • You will lose EXP when you are KO'd in the battlefield.


You can choose one of the following five earrings (Level 72, All Jobs):

Name Stats
Abyssal Earring INT +2, Scythe skill +5, Dark magic skill +5
Beastly Earring CHR +2, Evasion +5, Axe skill +5
Bushinomimi STR +2, Great Katana skill +5, Parrying skill +5
Knight's Earring VIT +2, Shield skill +5, Divine magic skill +5
Suppanomimi AGI +2, Enhances "Dual Wield" effect, Sword skill +5

Guide pour la réacquisitionModifier

Can only be done once per Conquest Tally.
  • Drop your current earring.
  • Receive the quest at the unmarked target in the main entrance of tombeau de Ru'Avitau.

How the spring should look when time/weather is correct.

This will appear as a second Puissance divine quest in your quest log with a different description.

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Description dans le jeuModifier

Yve'noile (Hall d'entrée, tombeau de Ru'Avitau)
Utilisez l'Arche mystérieuse de l'Amphithéâtre de La'Loff pour affronter et terrasser simultanément les cinq Guerriers de Cristal.
Résumé (Si réacquisition d'une boucle d'oreille)
Affrontez les cinq Guerriers de Cristal et rassemblez leur force dispersée dans son nouveau contenant.

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