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|[[Vitapotion]] {{Drop Rate|1|24}}
|[[Vitapotion]] {{Drop Rate|1|24}}
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|[[Elixir infect]] {{Drop Rate|1|38}}
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|[[Elixir infect Plus 1]] {{Drop Rate|1|38}}
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|[[Super vitapotion]] {{Drop Rate|2|5}}
|[[Super vitapotion]] {{Drop Rate|2|5}}

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Type: BCNM
Zone: Tombeau de Waughroon
          Niveau: Aucune restriction.
          Membres: 6
          Temps: 30 minutes
Orbe: Orbe de Clotho (30 Sceaux de la Confrérie)






Osschaart x 1




Osschaart's Automaton x 1




Osschaart's Avatar x 1




Osschaart's Bat x 1



Giant Bat

Osschaart's Wyvern x 1





Votre caisse d'armure sera remplie suivant ces groupes:

Tout de ceci:
Lingot d'adamantium (100%)
Un de ceci:
Lentille d'Ahriman (???%)
Bouteille de larmes d'Ahriman (???%)
Aile d'Ahriman (???%)
Dragonne crosse (???%)
Dragonne épée (???%)
Dragonne lance (???%)
Un de ceci:
Bannisseur (???%)
Pompe funèbre (???%)
Destructeurs (???%)
Juge (???%)

Un de ceci:
Boucle d'Attila (???%)
Durandal (???%)
Harpé d'Hoplite (???%)
Harpe mélancolique (???%)

Un de ceci:
Paire de Sune-ate de Fuma (???%)
Lingot d'adamantium (???%)
Lingot d'orichalque (???%)
Un de ceci:
Morceau de minerai de platine (???%)
Pelote de fibre de Malboro (???%)
Corne de démon (???%)
Corne de bélier (???%)
Morceau de minerai d'or (???%)
Pelote de Fil d'or (???%)
Carré de tissu arc-en-ciel (???%)
Carré de raxa (???%)
Vitapotion (???%)
Elixir infect (???%)
Elixir infect Plus 1 (???%)
Super vitapotion (???%)
Billot d'acajou (???%)
Poignée d'écailles wyvern (???%)
Billot d'ébène (???%)
Billot de morta (???%)
Fragment de corail (???%)
Morceau de minerai de sombracier (???%)
Un de ceci:
Carré de tissu de Damas (???%)
Lingot de Damas (???%)
Pierre philosophale (???%)
Plume de Phœnix (???%)
Raxa (???%)
Fiole de sang de scarabée (???%)


  • Osschaart uses Ahriman special attacks, Draw In, and Charm on party members about every 30 seconds.
  • Osschaart always charms the person that traded the Clotho Orb first.
  • It can use the Two Hour of the party member that is currently charmed even if the character has his/her two hour ready or not.
  • When it uses Charm on a new character, the old one is no longer charmed.
  • Charm seems to allow Osschaart to gain the Two-Hour Ability and Spells of the charmed job.
  • It can summon Osschaart's Bat, Osschaart's Wyvern, Osschaart's Avatar, and Osschaart's Automaton. (Note: Osschaart only summons the pets if Osschaart copies a Job with a pet.)
  • Osschaart is susceptible to Berceuse.
  • Osschaart is only susceptible to Silence through Sceau élémentaire.
  • It almost always uses charm immediately after Draw In.
  • Judging from it stealing Bénédiction and using it, Osschaart seems to have around 18,000 - 20,000 HP
  • It always charms party members in the same order. This order is based on the ORIGINAL PARTY LEADERS roster, not mattering if you have switched party leader before moving into the burning circle, moving down and starting from the person who traded the orb. In other words, the list is who was invited to the party at what order.
  • Effective methods of dealing with charmed members include sleeping the charmed member, then waking them once charm wears, or having the member to be charmed next unequip their weapon so that they will not be able to deal damage.




Osschaart is a figure from Flemish folklore bearing an uncanny resemblance to Kludde and Lange Wapper. He jumps on the backs of passers-by, mostly drunkards, hindering their movement. He can take the shape of any animal he wishes, although his original form is said to be of a bull with a man's head and chains in his hands. His presence could be detected by the sound of rattling chains.

There is another version of the Osschaart figure, in which he acts as a water spirit, much like the nix. He would jump on the boats or backs of fishermen if they failed to toss their first catch back in the water.

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