Cette section décrit comment le modèle de taux de drop fonctionne. Si vous cherchez les règles et le guide pour l'utiliser, voir ici en:FFXIclopedia:Drop Rate Policy.

{{Taux de drop|total des drops|total des tués}}
  • Ce modèle est utilisé pour collecter et afficher les données de taux de drop. It is intended to collect data from multiple users and keep a running total (new results are added to the existing totals rather than replacing them), thus becoming more accurate over time.
  • The drop rate is rounded to the nearest tenth, with a hovertext that displays the exact number of drops and kills and a message describing the data's current reliablity.
  • If the data is too low to be considered reliable (less than 50 kills), the drop rate will be colored gray and question marks (???) will be displayed instead of the drop rate. However, the drop rate can still be seen in the hovertext next to the number of drops and kills.
  • If the data is low, but not completely unreliable (less than 500 kills), the drop rate will simply be colored gray.
  • "100%" can be used as the "total drops" value to automatically display the drop rate as 100%.
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