jp:アドゥリンの魔境」扩张 FINAL FANTASY XI® Les Explorateurs d'Adoulin This is the Fifth Expansion soon to be released for Final Fantasy XI Online


Final Fantasy XI: Seekers of Adoulin is the upcoming fifth full expansion pack for Final Fantasy XI, announced for a release in 2013. It is the first full expansion for Final Fantasy XI in over 5 years after Wings of the Goddess. Seekers of Adoulin is set in the western continent of Ulbuka and will feature new areas, quests and jobs.

PlayStation 2 support for Seekers of Adoulin will only be available in Japan. Although Square Enix is not dropping PlayStation 2 support for Final Fantasy XI as a whole, Seekers of Adoulin content will not be accessible on Final Fantasy XI for PlayStation 2 outside of Japan.



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Les Explorateurs d'Adoulin
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Seekers of Adoulin was announced the first day of VanaFest 2012. It's the 5th expansion pack for Final Fantasy XI.

Final Fantasy XI: Seekers of Adoulin Box Art

nouveaux emplois


  • Géomancien: Harnessing the elemental energies that course through Vana'diel's veins in ways that no sorcerer can, geomancers both aid their comrades-in-arms and teach their foes how deadly the forces of nature can be.
  • Épéiste runique: Quick with a blade as well as an incantation, these versatile duelists employ the power of arcane runes to sway the tide of battle both offensively and defensively.

New Areas

Cities and Towns Seekers of Adoulin will explore the continent of Ulbuka. The Sacred City of Adoulin will serve as the hub in this region. The Isle of Adoulin is located to the west of the Middle Lands continents.

New Adoulin characters

Reclaim la Terre



reclaimtheland.jpg|500px]] New guilds in Adoulin aid adventurers in this new system.

  • Information Guild
  • Exploration Guild
  • Security Guild
  • Amusement Guild
  • Transportation Guild
  • Workshop Guild


  • Overcome danger
  • Destroy massive rocks and trees
  • Gather materials
    • New materials and fish
      • New synthesis recipes
  • Build Outposts
    • Once an Outpost is established, players can teleport there, flag quests, and purchase items exclusive to that outpost


  • Discover strange caves
  • Discover monster lairs
  • Discover statue segments
  • Discover places to receive mysterious power

Instanced Dungeons (working title)

Obtain lush rewards and enhancements by setting:

  • Difficulty
  • Area size
  • Number of rewards

You'll find statue segments throughout the jungle area. By finding different pieces and putting them together in different combinations you can change the above parameters.

  • Head Piece- Size of the area
  • Body Piece- Monster difficulty and drop rates of equipment
  • Feet Piece- Will set criteria (chain 5 enemies, complete a skillchain) to receive a bonus

Rewards will always remain the same in an area.

Back on the Ranch


The islands around Adoulin will be private islands for players where they can raise animals for procuring materials. You may also be able to fish and mine on the island.

Plants won't wither and die, the activities are meant to be stress free.

Liens externes


Missions === [[(Final Fantasy XI: Chercheurs de Adoulin) | Missions & Quêtes =

De nouvelles missions et des quêtes seront disponibles pour les joueurs à entreprendre.




Several new enemy types will be featured.

Gameplay Systems

All names listed are tentative.

  • Reclaim the Land
  • Instance Dungeons
  • Back in the Ranch