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Abbreviation: MND

A stat that determines the effectiveness of Healing Magic spells, White Magic Enhancing Magic spells and White Magic Enfeebling Magic spells, and is thought to have an impact on a character's Magical Resistance.

Mind also plays a large role in determining the damage of Chi Blast, Banish, and Holy Bolts.

**NOTE** Mind also has a slight increase in your overall cure potency. It also affects the formula for Cure V ((Healing magic skill / 3) + (MND * 1.5) + 430)

Associated with the element of Water. Many water-based items add MND to a character's Stats. Example: Leviathan's Rod

It is interesting to note that Water(MND) and Ice(INT) are two forms of the same substance. It makes sense because water is the pure, flowing energy of life governing healing and ice is the rock hard force water becomes.

Breakdown of level 1 mind stats by race and classModifier

Mithra: 8 (WHM)

Elvaan: 9 (WHM)

Galka: 8 (WHM)

Hume: 8 (WHM)

Tarutaru: 8 (WHM)

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