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Job Trait OverviewModifier

  • Peut doubler vos attaques.
  • Cette caractéristiques est toujours active.
  • Notes complémentaires:
    • Occasionally allows a character to attack twice in one round.
    • If two weapons are Dual Wielded, this trait may activate on both attacks separately.
    • When a Hand-to-Hand weapon is equipped, this trait may activate on both punches separately.
    • May activate during weapon skills.
      • On multi-hit weapon skills, Double Attack can occur up to two times.
    • May activate during Jump and High Jump
    • Double Attack will only yield one extra hit per activation even if using a multi-hit weapon such as Soboro Sukehiro or Kraken Club
    • Rate of activation is normally 10%, with no stat effecting it.
    • Rate of Double Attack activation has no difference between Warrior as main job and warrior as sub job, excluding the merit points.
    • Rate with Fighter's Calligae equipped is believed to be 11% (Additional +1%).
    • Each merit Point increases the rate of activation by 1%.

Équipement qui augmente cette caractéristiqueModifier

Nourriture qui augmente cette caractéristiqueModifier

Double AttackModifier

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