If you wish to have something deleted, use {{Delete}} -Cactuar 14 juillet 2007 à 12:22 (CDT)

Thanks for info i was think only admin can delete Tomdomix 14 juillet 2007 à 22:52 (GMT +1)

only admin can, but using Modèle:Delete shows what articles need deleted.--Cactuar 14 juillet 2007 à 16:51 (CDT)

Trésors deModifier

Just out of curiousity, Trésors de is better than Laché par on the Modèle Objets? --Cactuar 18 juillet 2007 à 14:15 (CDT)

No you can change by "Laché par" i was got confused with Modèle Monstre That can be "Laché par" or "Trésors de" or "Laissé tomber par" or ????. I m not french pro but all that three for me dont sound good when u read maybe some french pro can give some help for "Drops" and "Drops by" translation Tomdomix 18 juillet 2007 à 23:34 (GMT+1)

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