Hi, I've noticed you have made a few requested moves. They all appear to be articles you wish to have capitalized. In an effort to maintain consistency with what SquareEnix releases and gives us, we attempt to keep all articles named the way they show up in game. All items will retain the capitalization that SE uses in-game. As such, an item such as Hache feu infernal should NOT be renamed to "Hache Feu Infernal". The way it shows up in-game is "Hache feu infernal". This is standard French titling.

I will be removing any requests for moves, as they are against our naming conventions. For more information on how this is supposed to work, I invite you to view the English guide for naming conventions, located here. While this obviously discusses how we name things on the English site, this should give a good idea on how it should be done here.

Thanks. Bonjour ! --TtOaXrIuCTC 4 août 2007 à 10:51 (CDT)

In the english version, all the words starts with a capital letter. I thought that for naming consistency it would have been better if it was the same on the french wiki. Now, if the french version of the game does not use the same convention as in english, then no problem for me ^^

Thank you for pointing this out :) Carlie 7 août 2007 à 07:48 (CDT)

Promotion Modifier

Congratulations! You have been promoted to Sysop here on the French version of FFXIclopedia. This allows you to update protected pages (including the main page) and mediawiki pages (interface). Thanks for your hard work here! Let me know if you have any questions. --GAHOO t/ c 5 novembre 2008 à 16:09 (UTC)


Il n'était pas nécessaire de supprimer MediaWiki:Sitenotice.--Haltar 28 novembre 2008 à 13:32 (UTC)

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