Promotion Modifier

Pardon as my French is very limited. However, you have recently been promoted to Patroller. As no description currently exists on the French Wiki, I will direct you to the English wiki for an explanation of your new Powers and what kind of role a Patroller can play: Patrollers. This power only exists on the French wiki, and does not carry over to the other language wikis. --Mierin talk 10 juillet 2007 à 14:47 (CDT)

Please hold off on adding the move notifications to the +1 items. I am having trouble moving them. --GAHOO t/ c 25 juillet 2007 à 08:45 (CDT)

Hold off on edits... Modifier

Before you get into editing more... hold up. I'm thinking I might reinsert all the items with some cleaned up stuff. We can talk on IRC tomorrow //GANiMANTalk 25 juillet 2007 à 20:47 (CDT)

Enmity Modifier

In french this is "Inimitié" not "Intimité" :) --Haltar

Pictures deleted on server Modifier

All my pictures have been deleted of server, I 'm reuploading them at the moment. >< --Haltar

User pages deleted Modifier

Why my user pages on the Wiki French and English are deleted ? --Haltar 19 septembre 2007 à 13:07 (EDT)

CactuarBot Modifier

Your bot has bot and JRSysop rights now, allowing you to move pages without the throttling and your edits will be hidden from recentchanges unless you toggle it on. --Charitwo 19 juillet 2008 à 18:39 (UTC)

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