PNJ déclencheur: Klara Entrance to Metalworks (H-6) in Bastok Markets (S)
Complete Storm on the Horizon and be on mission Wings of the Goddess Mission 8: In The Name of the Father
Objets requis: Clé de l'ancienne mine d'argent
Titre: Mythril Musketeer No. 6
Répétable: Non
Récompense: Médaille d'argent républicaine

Quête précédente: L'ouragan gronde
Quête suivante:


  • Zone into Bastok Markets (S) from North Gustaberg (S) for a CS and the key item Clé de l'ancienne mine d'argent.
  • Check the Stonehoused Adit at northern part of (E-9) in North Gustaberg (S) for a cutscene.
  • Have your party leader check the Stonehoused Adit again and select the Fire in the Hole objective.
  • Buffs do NOT wear off upon entering, so you can buff outside, full rest and go in.
  • You will be warped into the Ruhotz Silvermines.
  • Talk to Adelheid once inside and she will begin moving through the area.
    • At least five times during the escort Adelheid will say something, stop moving, and quadavs will converge on her. They will go straight for her and deal damage to her quickly.
    • Adelheid will begin moving again immediately when all Quadav are defeated.
    • The first two times she stops, there will be only one group of Quadav.
    • The third and fourth times, there will be two waves of Quadav.
    • The fifth time you will be next to a Quadav Turret and at least three waves of Quadav will attack, the third of which contains three Magnes Quadav (BLM).
  • If you lose the battle you'll need a new key item that can be found by talking to Solitary Ant NPC right outside Bastok Markets (S)
  • Zone into Bastok Markets (S) from North Gustaberg (S) for another cutscene. (Warping won't work)
  • Talk to Gentle Tiger (S) for a cutscene.
  • Talk to him again for another cutscene and your reward.

Description dans le jeuModifier

Client: Klara (Entrée des Forges, Marché de Bastok (R))

Plusieurs tourelles de siège sont dissimulées dans les Mines d'argent de Ruhotz. Aidez les mousquetaires à les détruire avant qu'elles ne sèment mort et destruction sur la ville.


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