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Aperçu du Job


Dancers are front-line healers that can both benefit the party and enfeeble monsters. Not only are they competent fighters, but the TP they accumulate is used to power their various abilities. They execute Dances to heal and create beneficial effects, and perform Steps to inflict negative effects upon the enemy. A touch of customization is added with Flourish, which allows a step to be completed with a variety of bonuses to aid the Dancer and their comrades. Obtained by completing Le bal des débutants quest.

Aptitudes de Job

Niveau  Nom
01  Transe
05  Sambas
15  Valses
20  Pas
20  Pirouettes I
25  Gigues
40  Pirouettes II
75 (Mérite)  Saber Dance
75 (Mérite)  Fan Dance
75 (Mérite)  No Foot Rise

Caractéristiques de Job

Niveau  Nom
15  Evasion Bonus
20  Resist Slow
25  Subtle Blow
30  Accuracy Bonus
45  Evasion Bonus II
45  Subtle Blow II
60  Accuracy Bonus II
65  Subtle Blow III
75  Evasion Bonus III


Dances are divided into three categories: Sambas, Waltzes, and Jigs. Each of the dances within these categories is acquired at a different level, and requires a certain amount of TP to use. Each category has its own recast time, and using a dance will prevent the use of other dances within the same category until the recast time has expired. In addition, the effect of a Samba dance will be overwritten by other dances within the Samba category, regardless of the remaining duration.

  • Sambas imbue melee attacks with special enhancements. Dancer must be engaged and meleeing to grant effect (tested and proven with Drain Samba). Also, the effects are limited to playable characters, pets are not included in this effect. The effect from a Samba is an Additional Effect, and as such Additional Effects from a user's weapon will take priority(Tested with Blind Knife and also with Hellfire Sword). En- effects such as Enthunder will also override a Samba's effect.
  • Valses cure and remove ailments from party members.
  • Gigues require no TP to use.
Niveau  Sambas
05  Samba Spoliation
25  Samba Aspiration
35  Samba Spoliation II
45  Samba Hâte
60  Samba Aspiration II
65  Samba Spoliation III
Niveau  Valses
15  Valse Soin
25  Valse Divine
30  Valse Soin II
35  Valse curative
50  Valse Soin III
70  Valse Soin IV
Niveau  Gigues
25  Gigue spectrale
55  Gigue chocobo

Pas & Pirouettes

Steps are used to enfeeble an enemy, while at the same time generating the Finishing Moves required to perform Flourishes. Steps require TP to use, in the same manner as dances. The enfeebling effects produced by Steps can be stacked up to five times. The more times an effect is stacked, the more powerful it becomes. Finishing moves are generated at a different rate depending on whether dancer is set as your main job or support job. Up to a maximum of five finishing moves can be stored at one time.
Flourishes are used to produce various powerful effects by consuming the finishing moves generated by Steps. Each type of Flourish requires a certain number of finishing moves to perform. Flourishes are divided into two categories: Flourishes I and Flourishes II. Each of the Flourishes within these categories is acquired at a different level. Each category has its own recast time, and using a Flourish will prevent the use of other Flourishes within the same category until the recast time has expired.
Building towards a Flourish: Build TP with weapon attacks until a Step can be used -> Earn finishing moves by using Steps -> Consume finishing moves to perform a Flourish

Niveau  Pas
20  Pas de deux
30  Pas croisé
40  Pas chassé
Niveau  Pirouettes I
20  Pirouette animée
30  Pirouette désespérée
45  Pirouette violente
Niveau  Pirouettes II
40  Pirouette inversée
50  Pirouette intense
60  Pirouette enchaînée

Notes de Compétences d'armes

 Skill Skill Ranking Cap at Level 1 Cap at Level 37 Cap at Level 75
 Dague B+ 5 109 256
 Corps à corps D 4 101 210
 Epée D 4 101 210
 Lancer C+ 5 105 230
 Esquive B+ 5 109 256
 Parade B 5 109 250

See Dancer Skill Caps for a by-level breakdown of weapon skill limits.

Equipement Artefact

Artifact Set
Niveau Artefact
40  Cerceaux de guerre
52  Joncs de danse
54  Tiare de danse
56  Chaussures danse
58  Collant de danse
60  Léotard de danse
Artifact Set +1
Niveau Artefact
74  Tiare de danse +1
74  Léotard de danse +1
74  Joncs de danse +1
74  Collant de danse +1
74  Chaussures danse +1
Relic Set
Niveau Relique
70  Cape d'étoile
71  Joncs d'étoile
72  Tiare d'étoile
73  Chaussures d'étoile
74  Collant d'étoile
75  Léotard d'étoile
Relic Set +1
Niveau Relique
75  Tiare d'étoile +1
75  Léotard d'étoile +1
75  Joncs d'étoile +1
75  Collant d'étoile +1
75  Chaussures d'étoile +1

Guides du Danseur


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