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(Officially Abbreviated CHR)

Charisma is a stat that helps determine the effectiveness (and resist rate, where applicable) of many Bard Songs. Charisma also plays a very large role in whether the Beastmaster Job Ability Charm will be effective when used on an enemy. It also helps to resist Charm and bard songs. It is also associated with the Light element.

Additionally, certain Weapon Skills (such as Dancing Edge, Shadowstitch) are affected by Charisma. It is further rumored to affect a number of other Job Abilities and passive "Killer" Job Traits (e.g. Undead Killer).

Breakdown of level 1 charisma stats by race and classModifier

Mithra: 7 (BST)

Elvaan: 8 (BST)

Galka: 7 (BST)

Hume: 8 (BST)

Tarutaru: 8 (BST)

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