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Les Serveurs, aussi connus comme "Mondes", are instances of the world of Vana'diel on which players reside. Multiple servers exist because the population of the game is too great to share a single server. Servers are typically named after a summoned being or type of monster from the Final Fantasy series, or a lead enemy character from earlier games in the series.

Choisir un MondeModifier

By default, the server on which a newly created character resides will be chosen at random. However, during the Character Creation process, characters may assign themselves to a specific server by using a World Pass or Gold World Pass obtained from a World Pass Merchant.

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Migration de Monde (Changement de Serveurs)Modifier

The only method that existing characters may be moved between servers is when an official World Migration from your server to another (usually new, and thus less-populated) is taking place. World Shifter NPCs (wearing the distinctive GM uniform) will appear in major cities and announcements will be posted on PlayOnline if a World Migration is announced.

Be warned that these migrations are not common and, if multiple servers are involved, you will not be able to choose the server that your character is moving to. During the scheduled migration, you will also lose any markers placed on your maps and all items left in your Delivery Box at the time of the move.

Liste des Serveurs connusModifier

There are currently 33 servers in total known to be consistently active at present.

32 of them are standard servers used by players. Atomos is the test server used for trial of experimental features and hypothetical scenarios, available only to testers and GMs and closed to the public.

Servers may be made temporarily unavailable for maintenance, emergency issues, and updates. The Japanese Server Status and US Server Status pages on the PlayOnline FFXI website will allow players to stay up to date with the status of the servers.

Serveurs Officiels actifsModifier

Les Serveurs actuellement en service sont les suivants:

ID Npm Date d'Activation Note
00 Bahamut May 16, 2002
01 Shiva
02 Titan
03 Ramuh
04 Phoenix
05 Carbuncle
06 Fenrir
07 Sylph
08 Valefor
09 Alexander
10 Leviathan
11 Odin
12 Ifrit
13 Diabolos
14 Caitsith
15 Quetzalcoatl
16 Siren
17 Unicorn
18 Gilgamesh
19 Ragnarok
20 Pandemonium November 6, 2002
21 Garuda
22 Cerberus November 7, 2002
23 Kujata December 19, 2002
24 Bismarck
25 Seraph March 13, 2003
26 Lakshmi
27 Midgardsormr June 10, 2003
28 Fairy October 7, 2003
29 Asura December 9, 2003
30 Remora October 7, 2004
31 Hades
-- Atomos(Serveur de Test) Unknown, most likely December 17, 2001 Internal testing only. Closed to the public.

Serveurs qui ne sont plus en ServiceModifier

The following servers were decommissioned, mostly due to early underpopulation or the end of a specific testing period:

ID Nom Date d'Activation Date de Désactivation Note Raison de la Désactivation
ß Chaos December 17, 2001 April 26, 2002 Beta test server for Japanese PS2 version of Final Fantasy XI. Testing period ended.
ß Zande Beta test server for Japanese PS2 version of Final Fantasy XI.
ß Golbez February 2002 (approximate; specific date unknown) Beta test server for Japanese PS2 version of Final Fantasy XI. Testing wind-down(?).
Remaining population moved to Zande server.
ß Xdeath Beta test server for Japanese PS2 version of Final Fantasy XI.
ß Glasyalabolas June 18, 2002 November 1, 2002 Beta test server for Japanese Windows version of Final Fantasy XI. Testing period ended.
ß Cactuar June 12, 2003 October 14, 2003 Beta test server for North American PS2 and Windows versions of Final Fantasy XI. Possibly was reactivated as Asura (Need confirmation).
ß Hydra December 10, 2005 April 3, 2006 Beta test server for worldwide Xbox 360 version of Final Fantasy XI
25 Ixion December 19, 2002 January 14, 2003 The name of this server still exists in the FFXI binaries, suggesting that the name may be assigned to a new server later. Underpopulation.
Remaining population moved to Bismarck server.
26 Typhon Underpopulation.
Remaining population moved to Kujata server.
27 Kirin Underpopulation.
Remaining population moved to Bismarck server.

Autres ServeursModifier

These servers are uncategorized. They may not currently be active, or only active to use for specific purposes:

  • --: Chocobo (date d'activation unconnue)
This was the test server for Real Vana'diel, an internet cafe selling itself as a "Final Fantasy XI Play Zone" in the city of Akihabara, Tokyo, Japan. Il est aussi utilisé pour évenements spéciaux "en direct" comme la Boss Battle Bash event shown at E3 2005, and possibly other live events held during the US Final Fantasy XI iGames Tour.
This server may currently be in use for inter-server team matchups in each of the three Ballista Royale tournaments.
  •  ??: Behemoth
  •  ??: Dragon
  •  ??: Chimera
  •  ??: Wyvern
These server names are listed in the FFXI binaries. Their purpose is currently unknown.

For profiles of Summoned Monsters who do not have servers named after them, or may have future Servers named after them, click here or here.

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