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Guilde des charpentiersModifier

La Guild des charpentiers est ouverte de 6:00 - 21:00 et est fermé les jour de Feu.
En parlant à Cheupirudaux, le Maître de Guild, vous pouvez vous inscrire à la Guild et recevoir un cristal gratuit.

Support d'Image de Synthèse NPCsModifier

Synthesis image support temporarily raises your skill by 1 point. Advanced support raises your skill by 3 points, and requires a small fee based on your crafting rank. Synthesis Image Support can be obtained from the following Guild representatives:

Nom Localisation Support
Amarefice San d'Oria Nord (F-3) Synth. Image Support
Ramua San d'Oria Nord (F-3) Synth. Image Support
Ulycille San d'Oria Nord (F-3) Adv. Synth. Image Support
Yudi Yolhbi Al Zahbi (G-10) Synth. Image Support ou Adv. Synth. Image Support

Guild Test ItemsModifier

Every ten skill levels, you are required to prove to the guild that you "have what it takes" by crafting (or buying) a carpentry item of the guild's choosing. This item can be turned in once you have reached an "8" in skill (8, 28, 48, etc.), or higher skill (up to the cap). Once you have the requisite skill, speak with the Guild Master, Cheupirudaux.

Niveau Objet Requis Rang nécessaire
8-10  Workbench  Recrue
18-20  Maple Table  Initié
28-30  Harp  Novice
38-40  Traversiere  Apprenti
48-50  Rose Wand  Journeyman
58-60  Kaman  Craftsman
68-70  Ebony Wand  Artisan
78-80  Commode  Adept
88-90  Mythic Pole  Veteran

Objets de points de guildeModifier

Once you have attained the rank of Novice, you may begin to earn Guild Points with the Carpenters' Guild. Note that you may only accumulate Guild Points for one guild at a time, and if you switch guilds, all previously accumulated points are lost. The "Item of the Day" that the guild will accept changes every day at Japanese Midnight, and varies by crafting rank. Speak with Andreas, at (F-3) in San d'Oria Nord to find out what the item is, determine the limit to how many points can be earned, turn in items for points, and to spend points on Guild Point Items.

Points Objet Rang nécessaire Notes
 10,000 Ceint. charpentier Novice A belt that has 25 charges of Enchantment: Synthesis Image Support.
 10,000 Lumberjack Novice This special woodworking ability allows you to bundle logs together, making it easier to process more lumber with one crystal.
 10,000 Boltmaker Novice This special woodworking ability allows you to bundle lumber together, making it easier to process more bolts with one crystal.
 40,000 Wood Ensorcellment Novice This special woodworking ability allows you to enchant lumber with the power of black magic.
 40,000 Wood Purification Novice This special woodworking ability allows you to enchant lumber with the power of white magic.
 70,000 Carpenter's Gloves Journeyman A pair of gloves that gives +1 to your Woodworking skill.
 100,000 Carpenter's Apron Artisan An apron that gives +1 to your Woodworking skill.
 150,000 Drawing Desk Veteran A Furnishing that gives Moghancement: Woodworking. Adds +1 to your Woodworking skill.
 200,000 Carpenter's Signboard Veteran A sign used by woodworkers to indicate their guild's services to the public.

Marchants de GuildeModifier

Marchant de Guilds buy and sell craft related goods during the guild's hours of operation. Prices can vary greatly depending on supply and demand, and unlike Standard Merchants, they can sell out of inventory.

Nom Localisation
Cauzeriste San d'Oria Nord (F-3)
Chaupire San d'Oria Nord (F-3)
Beugungel Jetée des charpentiers (H-8)
Ouvert de 5:00 à 22:00
Dehbi Moshal Al Zahbi (G-10)

Guides de MenuiserieModifier

Recettes MenuiserieModifier

Amateur (1-10)Recrue (11-20)Initié (21-30)Novice (31-40)Apprenti (41-50)Compagnon (51-60)Qualifié (61-70)Artisan (71-80)Adepte (81-90)Vétéran (91-100+)Inconnu (???)
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