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C'est un des nombreux mondes de FFXI. Il était un des 20 serveurs activés lors de la sortie de FFXI au Japon.

Numéro d'ID: 14

Date d'Activation: 16 Mai 2002

Histoire dans les séries FF Modifier

Caitsith (FFVI [JP]), Stray (FFVI [EN])

Caitsith was a Summon who appeared only in Final Fantasy VI. It was a status-afflicting Summon who appeared as a black and gray cat who could walk upright and who wore red boots and a green cape.

Cait Sith was also the name of a playable character from Final Fantasy VII. It was a small upright black and white cat robot wearing a gold grown and red boots & a red cape which sat atop a giant stuffed Moogle robot. Cait Sith wielded a Megaphone as a weapon, which would command the Moogle robot to smash the enemy with its fist. Cait Sith was a remote controlled robot (actually a series of robots as one pair of cat/moogle is destroyed in the Temple of Ancients) controlled by Reeve, head of Housing & Urban Development in Shinra, Inc. in Midgar.

  • In FFVI, Caitsith was one of the Espers holed up in the city of Zozo in an apartment suite who was convinced by fellow Esper Ramuh to transform himself into Magicite and assist the heroes' cause.


"Cat Rain"- inflicts Muddle (Confuse) status on all enemies (FF6)


Final Fantasy VI

Offers Magic+1 Level Up Bonus

Teaches Muddle, Imp, Float, Safe, Warp

Historique Modifier

Cait Sith is a variant spelling of Cat Sidhe, a cat-like fairy from Scottish & Irish folklore. The Cait Sith is said to be a large black cat with a white spot on its chest which haunts the Scottish highlands. The name derives from both Irish and Gaelic, where cait means "cat" and sith (sidhe) refers to "faeries" or any sort of otherworldly entity. The Cait Sith (large black cat with white spot) may refer to a rare breed of cat, the Kellas Cat.

The appearance of Cait Sith (the Esper and the character) is also based on the Puss-in-Boots, a figure from European fairy tales. The fairy tale with this character was first recorded in the 1500s CE, though there is some evidence it existed as an oral story earlier than that. The story involves the Puss in Boots being a cat that promises its owner wealth in return for getting a pair of boots and a bag. The cat proceeds to use deception to bring wealth to his owner. Puss-in-Boots also slays an ogre in the story. Occasionally, in art, the cat is depicted with a feathered hat (similar to the classic hat for RDM) and with a cape or scarf. The Puss-in-Boots character also appeared in the film Shrek 2 (2004).

The "lucky cat" or "beckoning cat" from Japanese culture, the Maneki Neko may also be a source of inspiration. Visit the link for more information on Maneki Neko [1].

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