Job : Mage blanc
Famille : Avatars
Faible à : Glace

Boss de mission

Alexander battle


Zone Niveau Trésors Vol Apparitions Remarques
Ile de Nyzul - Détermination impériale Qmark 1 A, P(S), M
~20 000 HP
??? MP

A = Aggressif; Ai = Aide; V = Repère à la Vue; S = Repère au Son; HP = Repère aux HP bas; M = Repère la Magie; O = Poursuit à l'Odeur; P(V) = Vue Parfaite; P(S) = Ecoute Parfaite; AC = Repère aux Aptitudes de la Classe; CA = Repère aux Compétences d'Arme; Z(J) = Dort pendant le Jour; Z(N) = Dort pendant la Nuit


  • Draw In, when the target is beyond 20'.
  • Casts Holy II, Diaga III, Dia III, Banishga III, and Banish IV.
  • Divine Spear: Low Damage single target move which has an additional effect of attack -25%. This is a conical attack and he only seems to use it if his target is in front of him. The cone angle is rather large.
  • Sacrement radiant: Targeted AoE physical damage (200-400 damage), wipes Utsusemi and Additional Effect: Magic Defense Down. Does not require TP - will be used as its primary attack when the target is out of range, repeating regularly roughly every 6-8 seconds when not casting any spells. Used occasionally when the target is within melee attack range. Physical damage reduction gear reduces damage taken from this; Paladins tanking from out of melee range should use an Earth Staff. Because it wipes shadows, it's best for Ninja tanks to tank Alexander by engaging it in melee combat.
  • Méga Miracle: Area of Effect light damage. Extremely large damage radius.
  • Confessionnal: Single target Terreur for several (over 15) seconds.
  • Gospel of the Lost: Heals Alexander for around 900-1100 HP and removes debuffs.
  • Divine Judgment: AoE 1000+ damage with very large AoE radius, and clears Utsusemi. Like other avatars, Alexander will use this ability as his next TP move once its HP falls below 50%. In addition to this, it's possible he'll use it several times again at low (5%?) HP. This attack is accompanied by Alexander saying "ΩΩΩΩΩΩΩ." Divine Judgment is radial around the target, not radial around Alexander. Can be used multiple times during battle, especially at low HP.
  • Défense absolue Complete immunity to magical, physical, and/or ranged attacks for a short period of time. Uses this ability starting at around 10%, and can use it multiple times.
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