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L'encyclopédie de Final Fantasy XI au contenu libre que chacun peut éditer.

Si vous êtes nouveau sur FFXIclopedia, utilisez librement ce site et faites-en votre seule ressource pour toutes les informations sur Final Fantasy XI. Ce site a pour objectif de devenir une véritable encyclopédie sur Final Fantasy XI. Vous pouvez commencer en utilisant la barre de navigation sur la gauche, en recherchant, ou en utilisant la Base de Connaissance. Visitez notre Portail Communautaire pour découvrir sur quoi travaille la Communauté de FFXIclopedia et le guide d'édition pour obtenir des conseils sur l'édition des pages. Vous pouvez également utiliser le Forum ou le Salon de Chat pour discuter des modifications du Wiki, des nouvelles fonctionnalités ou des articles que vous souhaiteriez voir ajoutés, ou juste pour parler de FFXI en général. Vous pouvez également créer votre Blog FFXI et parler de votre vie dans le monde de Vana'diel.

En utilisant la puissance du logiciel Mediawiki, cette encyclopédie en ligne de FFXI contient plus de 10 273 articles sur FFXI qui peuvent être édités par n'importe quel utilisateur, en faisant de FFXIclopedia un véritable effort de communauté, au lieu de compter que sur les efforts de quelques administrateurs mettant à jour les informations ou simplement en extrayant tout des fichiers .dat. Si vous voyez quelque chose qui a besoin d'être éditer ou qui est manquant, le bouton éditer est presque sur chaque page. Le logiciel Mediawiki mémorise tout les changements, alors les versions antérieures des articles sont toujours accessible en cas d'erreur. Il y a quelques modèles qui doivent être suivis pour créer ou mettre à jour les pages, mais autrement l'information doit simplement être insérée si besoin.

Avant de commencer à créer des articles pour le wiki, merci de vous référer au guide d'édition, aux astuces et à la politique d'édition (en anglais). Notez s'il vous plaît que les Sysops peuvent éditer ou ajouter si besoin, alors référez vous à eux régulièrement pour la mise à jour au regard des politiques d'édition. FFXIclopedia a plusieurs Modèles que vous pouvez utilisez pour vos articles. En utilisant ces modèles nous pouvons garder une uniformité sur le wiki.

Info de FFXIclopedia

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Portail Communautaire

Community Portal

Help out

FFXIclopedia is the largest Final Fantasy XI encyclopedia known to exist. However, many articles are incomplete or otherwise need attention.
If you are looking for ways to help out, you can participate in a Collaboration.

Things to do

Fix-up projects


Collaboration(s) of the Month(s)

Add a short description of each mob family. See Marids as an example. It can detail overall traits such as that the mobs hit fast (rabbits, opo-opo), slow (Goobbues, Treants), hard (Goobbues, Treants), soft (Crabs), high physical defense (Crabs, Slimes), cast magic (slimes, worms), suicide (gobs, dolls), etc.

Looking for something smaller? Help to fill in the missing information in the Fireworks or Furniture articles.

Item Pages

Minor formatting tweaks.

Inclusion of the {{Weapon}} and {{Furnishing}} templates. See Template talk:Weapon and Template talk:Furnishing for usage info.

See the Image Stub page for a listing of items needing images.

Key Items

See the Key Item Image Stub for a list of key item articles needing images.

Mob Pages

Mob drop tables for a number of zones needs to be filled in. Adding information to even just one cell makes a difference!

Add Drop Rates for monsters and NMs you kill to calculate a estimable drop rate! See Template talk:Drop Rate for usage info.

Several mob pages are missing images, check out the Bestiary Image Stub for a listing!


Look at previous collaborations, or help pick next week's article to help with prior collaborations or identify new ones.

Resources, Policies and Guidelines

FFXIclopedia has a number of different resources and policies. Here are some of the more helpful and important ones.


FFXIclopedia has many resources which can be utilized to make your time here helpful and productive.

Help / New User Info

About FFXIclopedia
FFXIclopedia F.A.Q.
New Members Guide by Birgitte
Special Pages


Editing Guide
Editing Tips
List of categories
List of images
List of templates

Community information
IRC Chatroom



Policies and guidelines

FFXIclopedia has many established policies, guidelines, conventions, and traditions. This is a very brief sampling of some of the most important ones. Policies and guidelines apply both to articles and how to work with fellow editors.

Editing Policies

Bot Policy
Drop Rate Policy
Image Policy
Link Policy
Naming Conventions
Prohibited Articles
Quiz Policy
Software Limitations
Userbox Policy

Community Policies

Appropriate Behavior
Inappropriate Behavior
Content Control & Article Ownership
User Pages
User Signatures
What FFXIclopedia is not

Administrator Related

Article Protection
Guide to Deletion
Vandal Reports

Legal Policies

General Disclaimer
Privacy Policy

Note from the Lead Editor

With the end of 2007 looming it seems like an appropriate time for a look back at the wiki over this past year. It was a year of significant changes and improvements to the wiki, not to mention growth. Growth in terms of articles. Growth in terms of users. Growth in terms of pageviews. Growth in terms of database size. To put it in perspective, compare November 2007 to November 2006.

November 2007 November 2006 % Change
Visits 3,168,158 1,047,924 +202.33%
Pageviews 32,963,567 12,066,591 +173.18%
Absolute Unique Visitors 423,090 176,808 +139.29%
Database Size (Words) 5.4 million 3.8 million +42.11%
Database Size (Articles) 20,000 17,000 +17.65%

In that same period of time, we have gone from the 30,000th most visited website to the 4,000th, and have become, and will continue to be, the best resource for all things FFXI related. We have partnered with Wikia, which not only allows this growth to continue, but provides us with a network focused entirely on wikis and wiki technology.

Since we began this endeavor in late 2004, we have experienced a number of bumps in the road, a few of which we experienced this past year. This is to be expected. Overall we have weathered the bumps well, and, as is apparent above, have thrived. Thanks again to everyone who has and continues to contribute to this project. I hope everyone is looking forward to a great 2008! --GAHOO t/ c 15:52, 12 December 2007 (UTC)

L'édition de cet article est désactivée conformément à la Politique de Protection. Les utilisateurs peuvent discuter des changements ou demander d'enlever la protection sur la page de discussion.

A propos de FFXIclopedia

FFXIclopedia Policies
Editing Policies

Bot Policy
Drop Rate Policy
Image Policy
Link Policy
Naming Conventions
Prohibited Articles
Quiz Policy
Software Limitations
Userbox Policy

Community Policies

Appropriate Behavior
Inappropriate Behavior
Content Control & Article Ownership
User Pages
User Signatures
What FFXIclopedia is not

Administrator Related

Article Protection
Guide to Deletion
Vandal Reports

Legal Policies

General Disclaimer
Privacy Policy

Policy Templates

{{Edit Wars}}
{{Replacing Images}}
{{Gallery Pics}}
{{Video warn}}
{{Images}} • {{User Pics}}
{{Show Preview}}

The FFXIclopedia Itself

The FFXIclopedia is a free-content wiki focusing on the hit MMORPG Final Fantasy XI, also known as FFXI. Utilizing the power of Mediawiki software, this online FFXI encyclopedia contains more than 10 273 articles relating to FFXI that can be edited by any user, making the FFXIclopedia a true community effort, rather than relying on the efforts of a few administrators updating information or simply extracting everything from .dat files. If you see something that needs editing or is missing, the edit button is at the top of almost every page. The Mediawiki software tracks all changes, so prior versions of articles are always accessible in case a change is made in error. There are a few templates that should be followed for making or updating pages, but otherwise information should simply be included as needed.


FFXIclopedia was the brainchild of Ganiman, a Tarutaru Red Mage, resident of the Phoenix Server and Leader of the linkshell Avengers. The leading FFXI information site at the time, Allakazam, was bogged down with slow load times, poor and out of date information, and a constant stream of intrusive advertisements. Similar problems plagued Somepage, a database site that was full of advertisements for Real-Money Transfer (RMT) groups. Ganiman started a wiki project for Final Fantasy XI using the Mediawiki software in November of 2004 with the name FFXIclopedia – a name suggested by Mierin, a fellow member of Avengers.

At its inception, FFXIclopedia had fewer than five articles. From November 2004 until March 2005, FFXIclopedia saw little progress as the site was not only unknown, but empty. In March 2005 a small group of dedicated users decided to populate FFXIclopedia with information and FFXIclopedia saw its first mini explosion of both users and articles. By the middle of March 2005 there were 850 articles posted on the FFXIclopedia wiki, and by the end of that month, more than 1500. The increase in articles and information led to new users and new contributors, and to almost exponential growth. By the middle of May 2005 there were more 3000 articles and by the middle of June more than 6000 articles. While FFXIclopedia had grown tremendously, much of the basic FFXI information was still being added by only a small group of users.

The second explosion occurred in October 2005 when the FFXIclopedia's Adventuring Fellow Guide was created. This soon became the premiere source of information about this new addition to FFXI and the wiki format shined as new information was constantly emerging – alongside rumors – and the guide was able to keep up with the ever evolving ebb and flow of information. The popularity of the adventuring fellow, and of the guide, led to a major influx of users. Unique visitors to FFXIclopedia, which had been rising steadily, doubled from ~8000 to ~16000 in that month alone.

From that point forward the site grew at an almost out of control rate and by January 2006 there were almost 10,000 articles and 25,000 unique visitors using more than 20GB of bandwidth. The FFXIclopedia was too big to be just an extension of the Avengers website and so a donation drive was held on the wiki to expand it to it's current domain, Once on its own domain and server, additional improvements were quickly implemented, including the forums and blog system.

The third explosion of users and information for FFXIclopedia occurred in May of 2006, when Allakhazam officially announced that it has been bought by the same company that owns IGE, a well known RMT group. Fans of Allakhazam expressed their outrage and migrated to FFXIclopedia. While FFXIclopedia had been steadily growing during the first quarter of 2006, May 2006 saw an increase of 20,000 unique visitors to 65,000 and increase of almost 30GB of bandwidth to 75GB.

The exponential growth has continued, with the FFXIclopedia having more than 230,000 unique visitors and using more than 600GB per month in January 2007. In 4th quarter of 2007, acquired the FFXIclopedia domains, and has been instrumental in stablizing the backend and providing a number of significant enhancements to the user interface. Growth has continued, and for the 30 days from mid-April to mid-May 2008 the wiki has seen more 420,000 unique visitors pass through.

This tremendous growth is not without bumps in the road. The Mediawiki software allows users to edit what another user has written, and at times such changes can be contentious. Users have debated with passion and sometimes with personal attacks. While debate over the information is not only good, but necessary, personal attacks are not tolerated. Dedicated contributors to the FFXIclopedia wiki have unfortunately stopped contributing due to personal attacks from other users. In addition to these difficulties, copyright issues have been raised concerning the source of information and user contributions to the FFXIclopedia wiki. At the inception of the FFXIclopedia wiki, various copyright issues were arguably unclear, and were challenged by certain contributors who felt that their additions to the FFXIclopedia wiki could not be changed without their permission. Such an interpretation defeats the purpose behind the collaborative nature of the FFXIclopedia wiki – which is intended to allow any user to update the information contained on the site. In March 2005 the FFXIclopedia wiki adopted the GNU Free Documentation License with the intention that all non-copyrighted information posted on the wiki is allowed to be edited, copied and distributed.

The Wiki

The main information section of the site. The wiki is where the 10 273 articles about Final Fantasy XI reside. In addition to the FFXI content, we have expanded the wiki to include certain fun activies, such a the never ending quiz, friending, gifting, and receiving awards for various actions in the wiki. We've also implemented an 18 level ranking system in the wiki - which can be seen at Help:User Levels.

The Forums

General forum courtesy must be followed at all times. That's the basic rule. Moderators and administrators are active participants and enforcers of the forum rules.

Forum Ranks:

  • The number of posts you have determines your rank.
0-49: Too Weak
50-249: Easy Prey
250-749: Decent Challenge
750-1499: Even Match
1500-2499: Tough
2500-4999: Very Tough
5000+: Incredibly Tough
Moderator: Impossible to Gauge!

The Blog Section

Typically dealing with your life in Final Fantasy XI, each member is permitted to have their own blog. To start your own, please go here.

The Chat Area

We maintain FFXIclopedia IRC channel / chat room. To join the discussion, click here.


 Name  Position
 Ganiman (talk)  Head Sysop, Wiki Bureaucrat, Forum Administrator
 Gahoo (talk)  Lead Editor, Wiki Bureaucrat, Forum Administrator
 Charitwo (talk)  Wiki Administrator, Forum Moderator
 Chrisjander (talk)  Wiki Administrator, Forum Moderator
 Karuberu (talk)  Wiki Jr. Administrator
 Melios (talk)  Wiki Jr. Administrator
 Rickshaw (talk)  Wiki Jr. Administrator
 Divisortheory  Retired Wiki Jr. Administrator
 Mierin  Retired Wiki Bureaucrat
L'édition de cet article est désactivée conformément à la Politique de Protection. Les utilisateurs peuvent discuter des changements ou demander d'enlever la protection sur la page de discussion.

Base de Connaissance

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Exploration: ZonesPNJsArchitectureTransport

Objets: ArmureArmesAHNourritureMobilier

Histoire: MissionsQuêtesSiègeCampagne

Adversaires: BestiaireNMs

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