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There are a number of items that, when first obtained, are unidentifiable. These items are denoted by a series of "???" in the item name. In order to have them identified, you will need to take them to an Appraiser and pay a small fee. The identified object may be a piece of junk, or it could be a really nice find, but you will never know until you take it to the Appraiser!

Where to Obtain Items

  1. These "???" items are obtainable through successfully completing Assault missions or the Erkundung der Ashu Talif, Royal Painter Escort, or Targeting the Captain quests. When you open the final Ancient Lockbox for your treasure, you will find an unidentified object. The "???" item will automatically go into the inventory of whoever opened the Ancient Lockbox, while the rest of the treasure items will go into the Treasure Pool.
  2. "???" items are also given as rewards for successfully rescuing a prisoner captured during a Besieged raid on Al Zahbi. Prisoners can be found in each of the beastman strongholds (Mamook, Halvung and Arrapago Reef) held in a cage of some description, e.g. Pot Hatches in Mamook. If an NPC is inside the cage and you release them by unlocking the cage with the correct key, they will give their thanks and then warp. You receive 100 Imperial Standing for doing this, but on speaking to the NPC when they're back in Al Zahbi, they will thank you again and give you a "???" item.
  3. A ???-Schachtel is also given as a reward for successfully completing the quest Finding Faults.

Who Appraises?

The below appraisers will appraise items for you. Trade the "???" item to him and he will automatically take 500 gil from you (Chochoroon only charges 50 gil) and give you the appraised item back. If you're in a party when you get it appraised, the item will go into the Treasure Pool - this way, if it ends up being a Rar/Ex item, the party can choose who will get it (or cast lots or whatever). If you get an appraisal by yourself, no need to worry about having an extra space, you will gain one space when you trade the unappraised item.

Name Ort
 Drahbah  Aht Urhgan-Weißtor (F-6)
 Memeroon  Nashmau (G-8)
 Chochoroon  Al Zahbi (G-10)

What can be Appraised?

When an item is appraised, it will be appraised as one of any number of different items. The set of possible results is determined partially by where the "???" Item is obtained. Where the item is appraised seems to have no effect on the possible results. Below are some notable appraisal results and their reported sources:

???-Item Mögliches Gutachter Item Quelle
???-Dolch Assassin's Jambiya Trans-rareTrans-exclusive Searat Salvation
Krähenschwanz Trans-rareTrans-exclusive Evade and Escape
M. der Hausdame Trans-exclusive Entsendungsauftrag - Scouting the Ashu Talif
Pahluwan Katar Trans-rareTrans-exclusive Counting Sheep
Palladiumdolch Trans-exclusive Supplies Recovery
???-Schwert Immortal's Shotel Trans-rareTrans-exclusive Stop the Bloodshed
Kosetsusamonji Trans-rareTrans-exclusive Seagull Grounded
Kumokirimaru Trans-rareTrans-exclusive Wamoura Farm Raid
Pealing Anelace Breaking Morale
Sanguine Sword Trans-rareTrans-exclusive Blitzkrieg
Storm Scimitar Trans-rareTrans-exclusive Breaking Morale
???-Axt Erik's Axe Trans-rareTrans-exclusive Apkallu Seizure
Marid Ancus Trans-rareTrans-exclusive Building Bridges
Wamoura Axe Trans-rareTrans-exclusive Troll Fugitives
???-Lanze Flan Smasher Trans-rareTrans-exclusive Wamoura Farm Raid
Imperial Wand Trans-rareTrans-exclusive Siegemaster Assassination
Kinnara Pole Trans-rareTrans-exclusive Apkallu Seizure
Puk Lance Trans-rareTrans-exclusive Requiem
Volunteer's Scythe Trans-rareTrans-exclusive Extermination
Yigit Staff Trans-rareTrans-exclusive Saving Private Ryaaf
???-Bogen Imperial Bow Trans-rareTrans-exclusive Lamia No.13
Vali's Bow Trans-rareTrans-exclusive Nyzul Isle Investigation
Storm Zamburak Trans-rareTrans-exclusive Shooting Down the Baron
???-Schild Caballero Shield Trans-rareTrans-exclusive Better Than One
Storm Shield Trans-rareTrans-exclusive Saving Private Ryaaf
??? Headpiece Curate's Hat Trans-rareTrans-exclusive Blitzkrieg
Storm Turban Trans-rareTrans-exclusive Troll Fugitives
Storm Zucchetto Trans-rareTrans-exclusive Sagelord Elimination
??? Necklace Chi Necklace Trans-rareTrans-exclusive Operation: Snake Eyes
Jagd Gorget Trans-rare Orichalcum Survey
Kappa Necklace Trans-rareTrans-exclusive Marids in the Mist
Mu Necklace Trans-rareTrans-exclusive Deserter
Peacock Amulet Trans-rareTrans-exclusive Nyzul Isle Investigation
Phi Necklace Trans-rareTrans-exclusive Imperial Code
Rabbit Charm Trans-rare Nyzul Isle Investigation
Rho Necklace Trans-rareTrans-exclusive Egg Conservation
Sniper's Collar Trans-rareTrans-exclusive Defuse the Threat
Spectacles Trans-rare Preemptive Strike
Lamia No.13
Storm Muffler Trans-rareTrans-exclusive Orichalcum Survey
Storm Torque Trans-rareTrans-exclusive Preemptive Strike
??? Gloves Barbarossa's Moufles Trans-rareTrans-exclusive Assault Quest - Targeting the Captain
Breeder Mufflers Trans-rareTrans-exclusive The Price is Right
Caballero Gauntlets Trans-rareTrans-exclusive Bloody Rondo
Dragon Kote Trans-rareTrans-exclusive Supplies RecoveryExclamation
Ice Gauntlets Trans-rareTrans-exclusive Defuse the Threat
Sadhu Bracelets Trans-rareTrans-exclusive Lost and Found
Sadhu Cuffs Trans-rareTrans-exclusive Lost and Found
Storm Gages Trans-rareTrans-exclusive Requiem
Orichalcum SurveyExclamation
Storm Manopolas Trans-rareTrans-exclusive Seagull Grounded
 ??? Sash Grace Corset Trans-rareTrans-exclusive Apkallu Breeding
Ksi Sash Trans-rareTrans-exclusive Azure Ailments
Lambda Sash Trans-rareTrans-exclusive Operation: Black Pearl
Nu Sash Trans-rareTrans-exclusive Desperately Seeking Cephalopods
Storm Belt Trans-rareTrans-exclusive Shanarha Grass Conservation
Storm Sash Trans-rareTrans-exclusive Demolition Duty
Theta Sash Trans-rareTrans-exclusive Red Versus Blue
Zeta Sash Trans-rareTrans-exclusive Wake the PuppetExclamation
??? Footwear Ataractic Solea Trans-rareTrans-exclusive Azure Experiments
Bounding Boots Trans-rareTrans-exclusive Nyzul Isle Investigation
Bowman's Ledelsens Trans-rareTrans-exclusive The Susanoo Shuffle
Kung Fu Shoes Nyzul Isle Investigation
Storm Crackows Trans-rareTrans-exclusive Extermination
Storm Gambieras Trans-rareTrans-exclusive Lamia No.13
??? Cape Aileron Mantle Trans-rareTrans-exclusive Stop the Bloodshed
Bat Cape Trans-rare Nyzul Isle Investigation
Enhancing Mantle Trans-rare Lebros Supplies
Storm Cape Trans-rareTrans-exclusive Lebros Supplies
Storm Mantle Trans-rareTrans-exclusive Escort Professor Clavauert Exclamation
Volitional Mantle Trans-rareTrans-exclusive Imperial Treasure Retrieval
???-Ohrring Beta Earring Trans-rareTrans-exclusive Wake the Puppet
Eta Earring Trans-rareTrans-exclusive Azure Ailments
Heims Earring Trans-rare Golden Salvage
Magnifying Earring Trans-rareTrans-exclusive Apkallu Breeding
Reraise Earring Excavation Duty
Sigma Earring Trans-rareTrans-exclusive Red Versus Blue
Storm Earring Trans-rareTrans-exclusive Golden Salvage
Storm Loop Trans-rareTrans-exclusive Excavation Duty
Gamma Earring Trans-rareTrans-exclusive Desperately Seeking Cephalopods
Epsilon Earring Trans-rareTrans-exclusive Operation: Black Pearl
???-Ring Archer's Ring Leujaoam Cleansing
Divisor Ring Trans-rareTrans-exclusive Azure Experiments
Epsilon Ring Trans-rareTrans-exclusive Deserter
Ether Ring Trans-rare Imperial Agent Rescue
Horizon Ring Trans-rareTrans-exclusive Imperial Treasure Retrieval
Imperial Ring Trans-rareTrans-exclusive Leujaoam Cleansing
Omicron Ring Trans-rareTrans-exclusive Imperial Code
Pi Ring Trans-rareTrans-exclusive Operation: Snake Eyes
Psi Ring Trans-rareTrans-exclusive Egg Conservation
Storm Ring Trans-rareTrans-exclusive Imperial Agent Rescue
Tau Ring Trans-rareTrans-exclusive Marids in the Mist
???-Schachtel Cleaning Tool Set Various Locations
Demon Quiver Various Locations
Dried Mugwort Prisoner Rescue
Pattern Reader Various Locations
Philosopher's Stone Various Locations
Red Rock Various Locations
Scanner Various Locations
Hi-Potion +1 Various Locations
Bloody Bolt Quiver Various Locations
Ether +1 Various Locations
Mamool Ja Collar Various Locations
Toolbag (Sai) Various Locations
???-PotionExclamation Hi-Reraiser Trans-rare Various Locations
???-BarrenExclamation Iron Sheet Various Locations
Troll Bronze Ingot Various Locations

Offizielle Blurb


Some people in Vana'diel make their living as appraisers, helping merchants and mercenaries determine the type of items they have picked up during their travels in Aht Urhgan. The Near East's powerful ocean winds, rust, or even mere age can make an item unrecognizable to the amateur eye. The finder may even simply lack the knowledge to make an accurate judgment and find himself unsure of how to use the newly discovered good. In such cases, appraisers use their experience and keen senses to ascertain what the item really is. Qiqirn can use their keen noses to sniff out information about an item, and many make excellent appraisers. The only drawback to using a Qiqirn appraiser is that they might be a little difficult to understand due to their odd accents...

Does the idea of finding a mysterious item on your adventures sound exciting?

For example, let’s say you find a “??? sword.”

It may look just like an ordinary sword, but it could turn out to be an incredibly powerful relic. On the other hand, what looks to be a keen blade to the untrained eye may end up disappointing its finder. So what is the sword’s true identity? Could it be a legendary item? There is only one way to find out--by visiting an appraiser in town. The development team has decided to implement this feature in order to add an increased element of anticipation to adventuring in Aht Urhgan.

The mysterious items do not stop at swords. There are “??? gloves,” “??? rings,” and many other varieties. However, you will be unable to equip these items after finding them.

That is where the appraisers come in. By getting your mysterious items appraised, you will learn their true identities, and they will henceforth become usable. This service will require a payment in gil, but will not be very expensive.

If you get an item appraised while in a party, the appraised item will be added to the treasure pool. This is so that the treasure can be distributed among party members, even it is an Ex item. If you are playing solo, the appraised item will be added directly to your inventory. If you do not have enough inventory space, you may be unable to receive the appraised item, so be sure to clear out your bag beforehand.

So if you find an unknown item while adventuring in a party, you can travel to town and have the item appraised together before disbanding. Perhaps the item you have been holding will turn out to be a fantastic find, and then you can all celebrate together!

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