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• 8/2/2017

Anybody want to discuss the state of the Automaton Navboxes?

I got a Scope III from my Dial Key #ANV and wanted to add its details to a new page, but was disheartened by needing to duplicate my efforts across four separate templates. Is there a reason it is not organized the same way the Magic Navboxes are? I've created a mockup of the Attachments Navbox (http://ffxiclopedia.wikia.com/wiki/User:ToastTheKnowing/Sandbox) that mimics the functionality of the Magic Navbox and exposes the aftermath of not having updated and maintained four separate navboxes since the existing set was last edited: There are a ton of attachments missing pages and a lot of missing information for prospective PUPs out there.
ToastTheKnowing/Sandbox FFXIclopedia
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