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• 7/17/2017

Map Location for NM La Velue

Hello Folks! Could anyone post me a map of Batallia Downs S with the La Velue location or at least a good spot for a widescan? I need the Katana since I am with lvl60 still stuck with the AF1 ... And that's the only one that I can even consider getting due to the hardcore Quest Walls in front of others.
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• 7/17/2017
FFXIDB should show you a rough location for the mob spawn. I don't think there's a template on this wiki that gives such links automatically and it's unfortunate, it's a valuable resource for pinpointing mob spawn areas http://ffxidb.com/zones/84/la-velue
• 9/5/2017
Go to ffxiatlas.com and print out any map you need
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