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• 11/30/2017


I'm curious if you could gain all 3 basic Monstrosity form, Rabbit, Lizard and mandragora?
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• 11/22/2017


Does anyone know what the Shiny spot in North Gustaberg (F-9) does?
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• 11/11/2017

Gold World Pass Request: Asura server

I am a returning player from ToAU era seeking a gold world pass on the Asura server. Would greatly appreciate some help. I am ready to create a character!
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• 9/26/2017

Reforged Artifact Armor +2 Category Page


Feedback welcome. Aggressive abbreviation employed to prevent item names breaking onto second lines on desktop. I really wish I had access to @MEDIA queries in the CSS to help make this (and other table-heavy) pages look better on mobile.
ToastTheKnowing/Sandbox/AF119II FFXIclopedia
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• 8/19/2017

Desktop wallpaper

Can anyone find a large 2,xxx pixel or bigger image of a FF-XI Sabotender? I can find one of a normal cactuar, but not a sabotender... Thanks in advance!
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• 8/2/2017

Anybody want to discuss the state of the Automaton Navboxes?

I got a Scope III from my Dial Key #ANV and wanted to add its details to a new page, but was disheartened by needing to duplicate my efforts across four separate templates. Is there a reason it is not organized the same way the Magic Navboxes are? I've created a mockup of the Attachments Navbox (http://ffxiclopedia.wikia.com/wiki/User:ToastTheKnowing/Sandbox) that mimics the functionality of the Magic Navbox and exposes the aftermath of not having updated and maintained four separate navboxes since the existing set was last edited: There are a ton of attachments missing pages and a lot of missing information for prospective PUPs out there.
ToastTheKnowing/Sandbox FFXIclopedia
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• 7/17/2017

Map Location for NM La Velue

Hello Folks! Could anyone post me a map of Batallia Downs S with the La Velue location or at least a good spot for a widescan? I need the Katana since I am with lvl60 still stuck with the AF1 ... And that's the only one that I can even consider getting due to the hardcore Quest Walls in front of others.
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• 7/7/2017


I'm new and I haven't even started the game up yet and I'm scared lol
I need some support, in-game and out. xD
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• 6/25/2017

Ground's Tomb

Anyone else unable to Load the Ground's Tomb page?
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• 6/5/2017

Should Indi spells immediately expire, when . . .


When simply entering lair revies or colonization reives (e.g. say walking through or riding a mount) and, yes, participating, any Indi spell on me expires immediately. I tried putting it on just seconds before entering the effect area and in all cases it expired.

Why is this?

Is it correct or is it a bug?

Do the wikis document this event?

Thanks for your helpful input! :))
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• 5/29/2017

Hello! :)

Just dropping by to say hi! Hi! :)
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• 4/29/2017

Trust Magic / Alter Egos

Two pages, one subject. Is anyone up to the task of joining me and [[User:Snorglepuss|Snorglepuss]] in a rewrite of this element of the game and developing a new base template for individual Trust Magic pages?

Suggestions/contributions welcome below!
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• 3/18/2017

Welcome to FFXIclopedia Discussions!

A place to introduce yourself, whether you're a user or a contributor.

Discussions (ffxiclopedia.wikia.com/d/) will hopefully provide a more visible and accessible place for the FFXIclopedia community to communicate moving forward.

With over 500k pageviews a week and 80 active editors in the last month, it'd be great to hear from you!
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